Archie aged 15 writes what makes Elvis "old" to kids like him?
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On a recent edition of the Elvis Request Show, the subject was once again raised about how the Elvis fans of today are getting older and older and dying
off leaving the fan base lower and lower every year. But one of our listeners is a 15 year old names Archie and he decided to write in to share just how Elvis
is seen by other kids his age and why the King of music is seen as both old and a joke.

I wanted to write in answer to what the listener said about how there were mostly old people at an Elvis tribute show. I have to say Lee is right about the Elvis
impersonators, these are laughed at by everyone my age.

One weekend I was out in town wearing one of my Elvis t-shirts and I was seen by one of kids from my class. Monday morning, I went in to school and had
some of the kids doing the usual "thankyouverymuch", "a-huh huh" and another asking, "Do you dress up like Elvis then?"

All day long, as the word spread that I was some kind of music leper, I had others asking if I had my own suit? Then there were the ones who said he died
on the toilet and then the ones who asked if I go to see impersonators?

After that day I became almost a loner and then during a class room debate the chance came up for me to ask the others in the lesson why is it they give
me so much stick, when I don’t care what they listen to? Why should they bother about me?

The answer I got from one of the class was, "its because none of us go to see fat blokes dressed in a boiler suit singing like...and then did that mumbling
singing thing." Everyone laughed and agreed. I told them how I hate the impersonators but all that did was have them say, "yeah but most Elvis freaks do".

The problem is, Kids my age see Elvis as old and dated BECAUSE of the impersonators, as that is what they see on the news or on TV shows that talk
about him, there is always someone dressed as Elvis.

I played the "Viva Elvis" album to my class this week and most of them admitted they were shocked and actually liked them, they said the remixes did not
make Elvis sound like he does normally...and again I was treated to that mumbling singing. I of course told them that is what the impersonators and the
media do, but Elvis NEVER sounds like that.

The next day I took in a CD of a few songs I burned to play them and again they were really shocked by what they heard and again liked them. But still the
feeling was they would not buy an album because of the way impersonators have made Elvis look....as they said, "like a joke"!

Until things change then those Elvis tributes will get smaller and smaller....and albums like "Viva Elvis" are the very best way to go in order to get more kids
like me hooked onto how cool Elvis really is. I have also written down your site and told everyone to listen to hear this cool Elvis show.