By Al, The Canadian Mountie
Bob Lindsay lives today in Hamilton, Ontario. His first car took him and his friends to see
the King of Rock 'n' Roll over 50 years ago.

"My first car was a 1946 Ford 5-passenger coupe. We had moved from the farm at
Caistor Centre in the Niagara Peninsula and I was working at the John Inglis washing
machine plant in Toronto at the time. At a car lot on Danforth Avenue in Toronto near
where I lived, I had the option of purchasing a Lincoln Continental V-12 coupe or a 1946
Ford 5-passenger coupe with a 1952 Ford flathead engine. The Lincoln would not start
so I took the Ford.

"I paid $400 for it in 1956 and financed it through Niagara Finance at $28 a month shortly
before moving back to Caistor Centre.

"This car was built just after the war with what seemed like the same heavy steel they built
war vehicles from. Gas at that time was only 25-27 cents a gallon. I had no way of telling
what kind of mileage per gallon I was getting because the speedometer did not work. I
used about $6 a week in fuel while driving to work at Day & Campbell in Hamilton. Back
then, with no credit cards, you only drove as much as the money in your pocket allowed.

"I have seen only two 1946 Ford coupes in recent years. One in Florida was completely
rebuilt with modern suspension and a high powered engine, and was for sale for $28,000
(it was a beauty and I wish I had the money). The second, in Port Dover, Ontario was
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totally rebuilt as original and was the exact model and colour as mine. "It was beautiful and 'Not For Sale.' I owned my '46 Ford for three years and the most
memorable time was when I drove to Toronto with my Caistor Centre friends to see ELVIS PRESLEY on April 2, 1957 at Maple Leaf Gardens."

Bill Sherk (the future Old Car Detective for magazines) was also at the Gardens on April 2, 1957. Bob Lindsay and him may have walked past each other
while trying to find a seat on the one and only night that Elvis came to Toronto.

Bob Lindsay  then went to Ottawa and wanted to stay at the Chateau Laurier but was refused accommodation because the hotel thought his fans would
wreck the place. On Jan. 8, 2010, he would be 75 if he were still alive.

Bob Lindsay later traded his '46 Ford coupe for a 1953 Mercury sedan, but that's another story.