A Review By E.E.R Listener Ida Ritter
I have read the previous books by Alana Nash on Elvis Presley, and I have the best impression of
them all, I always thought they were very good and very well researched books and I have never
regretted buying them or reading them to the end.

This latest book, I will say - in my opinion - is one of the best researches ever done on the love life of
Elvis Presley. Lots of interesting interviews with the women in his life and the ones that really mean
something to him.

The pages in this book takes us back to Elvis’ beginnings and his parents struggle in those difficult
times and the bond that existed between Elvis and his mother and why? And the impact this
relationship had in his future relationships with women which makes us feel sorry at times for some of
them as it makes us think and understand that they were also cut in the middle of these, at times,
chaotic situations and why he was in reality a lonely and misunderstood individual by so many and
unfortunately he never learnt to overcome his fears and psychological problems..

If anything after the parade of all the women and girls in his life which is what this book is about, it
makes us understand Elvis better and feel sorry for him at times when we could have realised better
the lack of help he received from his Manager who never tried to lead him in a world so unknown to
him and from the people around himself.

It shows us how rapidly things happened to him and in between lines you could read Vernon telling
him: “What happened to us son, yesterday you were driving a truck”. Women all over him and girls
screaming at him at all times, left him so vulnerable at the hands of his sudden rise to fame and
fortune, this is all very well portrayed in this book.

As Alana put it, what would have happened if things would have been different and Elvis able to
overcome his fears and psychological problems and able to hold on to his relationships with women
and make them work, but as Alana said to EIN: this never was going to happen in a million years. This
book describes to us all of Elvis’ problems with women and other relationships throughout his life,&
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why he related to young women, his behaviour which was also due to his early dependency on prescription drugs, many times only seeking companion to
his lonely life, having the wrong people around himself, all factors that contributed to his early passing.

This book has brought many controversies but I still believe is one of the best books ever written on Elvis Presley, technically speaking, so much time
devoted in its research, very well designed and portrayed page by page, and in fact as Alana said you have to read it page by page until the end with an
open mind, if you want to come up with a fair conclusion and understanding of it, though I personally think that there is no need for some of the physical
description of some situations at times.

This book is a parade description of all the women and girls in Elvis’ life which is very well done by Alanna, it shows the women that really cared for him and
that he turned away and the ones that did not care and the stories of those relationships. I found it kind of hard at times to keep reading pages and pages
of so may detailed situations. But it is so sad to realise as this book describes it that Elvis became involved with every woman he possibly could, including
almost all his co-stars?

But I will never say as some have that it is Alanna’s trash book, with all the respect, I have to say is a book written with honesty and dedication for all the
research it has, and is worth reading but my final thought is: Was it really necessary to make public this side of Elvis’s life in such an open way? This I leave
for all of the individual Elvis fans to decide.