This is a question that has divided Elvis fans for years & seen as proof to the Elvis is Alive mob
By Marty Lacker & Lee Dawson   /   Elvis Express Radio
Elvis Aron Presley or Elvis Aaron Presley...which one is correct?

The answer has had fans arguing for years, after all, Elvis' birth certificate reads Aron, and yet on Elvis' grave his middle name is
spelt Aaron. This fact has given the Elvis is Alive theorists something to cling onto by saying his middle name is spelt wrong which
points to the fact Elvis is not buried there or even dead?

Of course, that's poppycock and the answer really is very simple...

At 4:35am on January 8th 1935, Dr William Hunt delivered the second of two babies and when it came time to fill out the Physicians
Record, Dr Hunt sat down at the table and asked what names Gladys & Vernon had chosen for the twins. The first who was stillborn
was named Jesse Garon Presley, the surviving twin was named Elvis Aaron Presley, spelt with two A's.

When it came time to register the birth of baby Elvis, Vernon who was not well educated told the clerk the wrong spelling for his
middle name and from that point, Elvis was legally known as Elvis Aron Presley.

Here, Marty Lacker tells the story behind Elvis wanting to embrace the true intended spelling of his name.

"For those who have not read my book Elvis Aaron Presley: Revelations of the Memphis Mafia (later re-issued as Elvis and the
Memphis Mafia), here is the full story of what Patrick Lacy refers to when he mentions my name in his findings about the true
spelling of Elvis' middle name Aaron, not Aron.
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In December, 1966 in the basement den with Elvis, his father, Richard Davis and Mike Keaton, we were talking about something that
had to have his name on it.  Out of the blue I said to Elvis,"You know with your knowledge of the bible, how come your middle name
is spelled with one "A" as opposed to the biblical spelling,  which is normally used, that of Aaron with two "A's?"  

He answered while glancing at his father then back to me,"Well you know back then some people didn't know how to spell or spell
someone's name."  He was referring to Vernon giving Elvis his middle named to honor Vernon's best friend in Tupelo, Aaron
Pictured left is a document for a gun application dated October 22, 1970 and as you
can see from the typed name at the top of the application form, Elvis' middle name is
spelt 'AARON' and it is signed by Elvis himself, which proves he was using the double A
spelling after 1966 as told by Marty Lacker.

Elvis Presley Enterprises also stands up for what Elvis wanted in relation to how his
middle name was spelt. 'On the website they write:

"Toward the end of his life, Elvis sought to change the spelling of his middle name to
the traditional and biblical Aaron.

In the process he learned that official state records had inexplicably listed it as Aaron,
and not Aron as on his original birth records.

Knowing Elvis' plans for his middle name, Aaron is the spelling his father chose for
Elvis' tombstone, and it's the spelling his estate has designated as the official spelling
when the middle name is used today."

And so that is why E.E.R will always use the double A spelling in Elvis' name.
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So when Vernon went to register his name for the birth certificate he misspelled the name when filling out the form.  What's ironic is that the Dr. who delivered Elvis, when filling out
the required birth record that he was legally bound to do, he spelled Aaron with two "A's" on the birth record.  

What makes it even more unusual is the Dr. wrote Elvis' first name as Evis because when he asked Vernon the name, Vernon always, for whatever reason, didn't pronounce the "L"
in Elvis and called him Evis.  I have a copy of the birth record and it plainly states in the Doctor's handwriting Evis Aaron Presley.

So after Elvis saying that about the spelling, he further turned to his father and said,"Daddy from now on, on any legal document or anything else I want you to spell my middle name
with two "A's."  And there you have the reason why the spelling was changed from one "A" to two "A's." - Marty Lacker
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A few years back, EER's Lee Dawson got together with Marty Lacker to set the record straight regarding the question, is it Aron or Aaron?  We thought we would revisit this article
after we received several email's from our listeners asking for our thoughts on the matter. So here is what we were told by Elvis' friend for most of his life and was one of two best
men at Elvis' wedding.