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I ordered Prince from Another planet from Amazon more than a month before it was released and I finally received it and of course I looked at it immediately.

This DVD shows the interview in New York from Elvis and the Press and was wonderful, you can see it very clearly, the images came out so clear that for times
you thought it was happening right there at this moment and time, he looked so beautiful and we can enjoy in this interview his sense of humor that we all know
he had.  I have to say that I saw this interview in other Dvds that I purchased but this one is the best one by far.

The documentary I will say is out of this world, for the description that is given by those man that were there, and one could not do anything but to wish you
were there watching those important moments, I myself was so touch listening to them and could imagine how fortunate were  the ones that were able to see
him and be near him when he was giving those powerful performances.  I say that the documentary is the best part of this DVD for the description given by
Lenny Kaye, Musicologist and Guitarist, George Kalinsky, MSG Photographer, their descriptions are the most shilling ones because they send you right there
with their descriptions of what really went on at MSG and how Elvis Presley took New York by storm with those performances.  They described the audience,
and how he owned it as soon as he set foot in the stage.  Mr Kalinsky said at one point: “Everybody in the audiences no matter how far they were from the
stage try to rich out to Elvis.

The description given by Lenny Kaye Musicologist and Guitarist was amazing when so calmly he described what being at MSG mean at that moment, in one of
his descriptions he said:  “he is larger than life” that is why he is the king and still is.  He said in the documentary that in 1972 he was a Rock writer for Cavalier
magazine, they approached him and said: “Elvis is coming to New York, would you like to cover his performances and Press Conference”, to watch him and so
he did, he started with the Press conference and described all the excitment, the recorders at the top of the stages from the Media and the way it was
conducted, the minute when the drums went out and Elvis appear on stage as the press described him:  “like a prince from another planet”.  He said further
“they were only four feet from the stage to the ground” and that gave the audience a sense of intimacy, made everybody a part of the performance and that
was done only by Elvis Presley,as he said that he never witness anything like this before. Mr. Kaye gives here such a powerful description, going as far as
mentioning Elvis’s respect towards others when he called everybody Mr., Mom., Dear and so on, never forgetting who he was.

What else can I say, I can add here  Mr. Kalinsky the MSG Photographer, showed here photos he mentioned here that nobody photographed like that man
and he was part of all that.

Joe Guercio his music director does another description of what it was MSG at that moment and how New York reacted to his performances, being a
discriminating city, tough and so on, it was amazing to see how Elvis changed all that when he delivered such charisma, according to them he was in optimal
vocal situation and Mr.Kaye said he sang there better than ever, not missing a single note, do not forget that Mr. Kaye is a Musicologist and Guitarist.

We have to believe it because it was shown there that those tickets were ten, seven and five dollars, that we know of course that at that time that amounts to a
lot more now, but I can help but think that The King performed for those amounts of money at that time. That is another part of the history.

The rest of the dvd the performances are cut here and there and I am not complaining about it, I have to say that is probably due to the time, the recording
and we must remember that is being 40 years since that, we all should be thankful that we have in our hands a peace of history, and that is ELVIS PRESLEY

I give five stars to this dvd and will look at it over and over,and every time I see it I affirm over and over again the kind of entertainment Elvis Presley was and
still is but for the ones that are still in doubt or that never heard the man singing  and performing I would like to ask them to look at this dvd to feel the
electricity that emanated from his charisma.  He was here in total control of his voice and of the audience that were so lucky to be there and be part of this
history.  The description given by the ones that were there says it all, even the press that called him: “Like a Prince from another Planet” Only one man could
have done that......Elvis Presley.