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On March 25th 1961, Elvis Presley helped raise money to build the USS Arizona memorial which sits over the sunken WWII battleship at Pearl Harbour,

It's 50 years since this benefit concert took place, which turned out to be the last Elvis Presley live concert performance for 8 years. Over 4000 fans paid
between $3.00 to $100 to attend the show featuring Elvis and an all-star line up which raised more than $54,000 which was the biggest single donation made
towards the memorial which had a target price of $500,000.  

More than 4,000 fans attended the concert on March 25, 1961, purchasing tickets ranging in price from $3 to $100. The concert, which featured Elvis
Presley and an all-star lineup of entertainers, raised just over $54,000 toward the $500,000 goal. By 1960, all efforts to raise the money needed to build the
Arizona Memorial had ground to a halt with only around half of the $500,000 needed being raised.

In an effort to renew interest in the campaign, Hawaiian journalists teamed up and sent out an appeal to newspaper editors across America asking for
editorial support in helping renew support for the appeal. It was now that Elvis heard about the need to raise funds and wanted to do a benefit concert in
Hawaii to help not only with a donation but to bring the appeal to the forefront. The concert did the job and with the money raised at the benefit concert and
then further public and private donations following the show, the USS Arizona Memorial was officially opened on May 30th 1962 (Memorial Day).
In conjunction with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., Pacific Historic Parks (formerly known as the Arizona Memorial Museum Association) is now offering a
limited-edition Elvis Presley t-shirt to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Presley’s historic benefit concert at the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard Bloch Arena in
Hawaii. Held on March 25, 1961, the concert raised funds to help build the USS Arizona Memorial. This exclusive Elvis t-shirt is only available through
December 31, 2011.

Designed and produced in Hawaii, the t-shirts feature an image of the original concert billboard with Elvis Presley in his trademark gold lame suit and include
a hangtag replica of the concert ticket. T-shirts are $24.95 and available only through Pacific Historic Parks at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center bookstore or
via their online bookstore at www.PacificHistoricParks.org. Proceeds from this Elvis Presley commemorative t-shirt will support the educational programs at
the USS Arizona Memorial and the new Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.

“Elvis Presley gave of his time and fame to ensure the memories of those who sacrificed on December 7, 1941, and the lessons learned from the attack on
Pearl Harbor are never forgotten,” said Tom Shaw, President and CEO, Pacific Historic Parks. “Pacific Historic Parks shares that commitment and together
with Elvis Presley Enterprises, we hope our commemorative endeavor helps Elvis Presley’s legacy of giving continue on.”

To support the efforts of Pacific Historic Parks and to commemorate the anniversary of this important occasion, on March 21, 2011, Elvis Presley
Enterprises, Inc. will be posting
photos and video from this historic event on Elvis.com and on the free Elvis Mobile app on iTunes.