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NOTICE: The items listed on these pages are of our opinion only. There is no exact science to finding what is real and what is not (i.e. Autographs) and so we can only try our best to give you our thoughts
and advice. The final decision is of course your own, we cannot be help responsible for any decisions made by any individual regarding the purchase of any items listed or NOT on these pages.
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FBEI # 00269  -  13.04.19
THE F.B.E.I. IS BACK! - It's hard to believe that the last entry into the F.B.E.I list of the most unwanted bogus, suspicious, questionable or just way over priced items was just over 3
years ago! Since then we've continued to help many fans with questions regarding our opinions on autographs etc which they were looking to purchase. We also helped bring
around the removal of a fake jumpsuit from a Graceland Auction worth around UK£116,000 (US£150,000) meaning E.E.R have helped some of our fellow fans save in more than UK
£136,000 (US$176,000) on items which were either in our opinion, or proved to be far from authentic.

REMEMBER: The items listed on these pages are of our opinion only. There is no exact science to finding what is real and what is not (i.e. Autographs) and so we can only try our
best to give you our thoughts and advice. The final decision is of course your own.
FBEI # 00280  -  11.05.19
Seller: Andrew Hearn / Essential Elvis
I am delighted to be able to offer my customers this beautiful long-sleeved yellow shirt that was once owned and
worn by Elvis himself. This is a rare opportunity to obtain a genuine piece of Elvis history that will not only be a
super investment, but an incredible talking point. Comes with two letters of authenticity and a fantastic story of
how it was obtained. £1,500

This particular item was brought to our attention by our very own News Hound-Dog, Tony and also pointed out
by several of our listeners. The first issue with this item is the picture. If you were being completely honest, you
would assume this shirt was worn in the movie 'Tickle Me'? After all, there is a picture of Elvis from the film
wearing the shirt right?

Wrong! There are many pictures of Elvis in this film showing that the shirt on offer is nothing like the movie worn
shirt. The film shirt is a Western style shirt with pipping on the chest and black trim above both breast pockets
and the amount of buttons differ also. So, as you can see, the EE shirt is nothing like that.

Now, in all fairness the text about the shirt does not mention 'Tickle Me', but why they have included the image of
Elvis wearing a shirt that is a similar colour is a rather big head scratcher. Especially to use an image that hides
the very things that prove it's not the same shirt. So even though they don't say it is the same shirt, they should
have made it clear that the shirt was NOT the same. Or even better, don't use the image in the first place.

One member of the Phoenix Elvis Forum contacted Essential Elvis' Andrew Hearn to ask about the 'Tickle Me'
image, and the reply was as follows:
"It's not the same shirt, just an illustration of mainly the mustard colour." -
HUH? So, the reason the 'Tickle Me' image was used to show the colour of the shirt that was being offered. The
same shirt that was pictured as being for sale...the large picture of the shirt, next to the small picture of Elvis in
'Tickle Me' used to apparently illustrate the colour of the shirt....Strange but true!  However, ridiculous that
reason sounds.

OK, let's look at the actual shirt... All we know is there are 2 Letters of Authenticity (LOAs) but there is no
information who the LOAs are actually from? So once again, questions were asked and the answers were as
before, rather odd!  
"any potential purchaser will be fully briefed on what shirt they are actually buying.
The Tickle Me photo has been used because the seller doesn't have one of Elvis wearing the one for sale."

And what about those 2 LOAs? He doesn't "know who has signed the two letters of authenticity", but he's "asked
the seller for the info"

It just gets more and more questionable! There's no info on the make, the size etc and let's also not forget that
£1,500 is rather cheap for an actual Elvis owned and worn shirt.

But what we'll leave you with is the words of our News Hound-Dog Tony, who summed it up best...
How about trying to get 'all the facts' in the sales ad first in the hope that it will sell ?
Nah, much easier to lead people on with a bit of misrepresentation.
So let's look at it this way:
Here's a shirt 'allegedly' owned and worn by Elvis Presley, there's no picture of him wearing it available but there
are two COA's, only I can't tell you who's signed them.
You'll get the full 'story' if you're interested in buying it and private message me though.

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ABOVE IMAGE - Compiled with all details of sale (click to enlarge)

BELOW IMAGE - The original advert for shirt
Group of Five “Audiodisc” 78 RPM Double-Sided Acetates  [LOT #20]
Auctioned by GRACELAND on August 16, 2019
The offered group of five “Audiodisc” 78 RPM double-sided acetates were most likely recorded at a radio
station. And most plausibly it was the same “gospel station down south” described with the previous lot because
the first disc offered here contains a lesser quality copy of the “That's When Your Heartache Begins” Radio
Recorders session version. The second side of the first disc includes several songs from a children's choir,
further indicating these acetates were produced locally.

The other four discs include Elvis' Sun Records recordings, including:
Disc two “That's All Right” / “Blue Moon of Kentucky;”
Disc three: “I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone” / “Milkcow Blues Boogie;”
Disc four: “Blue Moon of Kentucky” / “I Love You Because;”
Disc five: “Just Because” / “Good Rockin' Tonight.”
The records measure 10 inches (25.4 cm) in diameter and are accompanied by a letter of authenticity from
Graceland Authenticated

OK what can we say about these Audiodiscs? We've featured these things before and have always questioned
the value that auctions put on these. After all, they are NOT Acetates, they are nothing more than vintage CDRs.

So just why these privately produced discs should be valuable is crazy. Equally crazy is the very fact that
Graceland has officially authenticated these as genuine ??????? Whatever?  These things can still be created
TODAY, it is still possible to buy one of the old machines and you can find unused discs also on occasions.


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FBEI # 00281  -  17.08.19
This is an authentic signature from the King himself.

My Grandfather got this poster signed while he was in the Army with Elvis.

This one is a Big Fat NOPE in every way!
First - This is NOT an authentic signature!
Second - His Grandfather did NOT get the poster signed while in the Army with Elvis!

The item is a 12" X 12" insert picture that was included inside the U.S. First pressing of 'SPINOUT" in 1966,
which was of course, 6 years after Elvis was in the US Army.

Also, last but not least, the dedication and signature is an RCA records own creation printed on the insert.

E.E.R has written to the seller and advised him that his item and story is, in a polite way.....FAKE!

ASKING PRICE - $1,600.00.

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FBEI # 00282  -  20.01.20
LP Vinyl Elvis Presley Autograph Good Times 1974 + COA Certificate Of Autenticity
Vinile Autografato 33 rpm

There's only so much we can say about FAKE Elvis Presley autographs.

As we know only too well, there are thousands of Elvis autographs out there and only a very small percentage are actually signed by
Elvis in person.

Not including Elvis himself, during his lifetime autographs were signed by Secretary's, Bodyguards and friends.

And then we have autographs like this one, one that looks NOTHING like Elvis' autograph and as always the nice shiny paint style pens
that were not around in 1974.

OH, what about the proof positive "Certificate of Authenticity", the good old C.O.A.? Well, I can produce a C.O.A for you and confirm
this, that or the other.

But, the company that has issued the C.O.A will confirm your signed item as explained: "£24.99 administration fee per item you wish to
register. Once the item has been added to our database you will receive a Confirming Ownership of Autograph Online sticker in the
mail, which you will then need to put on the reverse of that item"

This item comes with a C.O.A. and a sticker on the back of the album cover (WTF?) but these mean nothing when compared to known
Elvis Presley autographs because it does not take an "expert" to see the scribble on the cover is NOT signed by Elvis Presley.

E.E.R has contacted the seller and the company that issued the C.O.A and Sticker with our information.

ASKING PRICE - £466.67

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FBEI # 00283  -  20.01.20