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At the Mississippi - Alabama Fair & Dairy Show
Fairgrounds, Tupelo, Mississippi – Sept 26 1956

Before Show:
01 WTUP Interviews Elvis Presley [26.09.56].wma

Afternoon Performance:
02 Heartbreak Hotel [Aft].wma
03 Long Tall Sally [Aft].wma
04 Presentation of Key To City [Aft].wma
05 I Was One [Aft].wma
06 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You [Aft].wma
07 Announcement [Aft].wma
08 I Got A Woman [Aft].wma
09 Dont Be Cruel [Aft].wma
10 Ready Teddy [Aft].wma
11 Love Me Tender[Aft].wma
12 Hound Dog [Aft].wma

Between Shows:
13 WTUP Interviews Vernon & Gladys [Aft].wma

Evening Performance:
14 Love Me Tender [Eve].wma
15 I Was One [Eve].wma
16 I Got A Woman [Eve].wma
17 Dialogue [Eve].wma
18 Dont Be Cruel [Eve].wma
19 Blue Suede Shoes [Eve].wma
20 Dialogue [Eve].wma
21 Baby, Lets Play House [Eve].wma
22 Hound Dog [Eve].wma
23 Dialogue [Eve].wma

Bonus Interview – First Time On CD
24 WELO Interviews Elvis [Eve].wma