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01 You'll Think Of Me (Alternate Mix).mp3
02 In The Ghetto (Unreleased Unfinished Master).mp3
03 Rubberneckin' (Unreleased Unfinished Master).mp3
04 Wearin' That Loved On Look (Alternate Mix).mp3
05 Suspicious Minds (Unreleased Unfinished Master).mp3
06 True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (Takes 9 & 8).mp3
07 Power Of My Love (Takes 4, 5 & 6).mp3
08 The Fair Is Moving On (Alternate Mix).mp3
09 Proud Mary (Live, Undubbed Master).mp3
10 I've Lost You (Undubbed Master).mp3
11 If I Were You (Unedited Take 5).mp3
12 Suspicious Minds (Rehearsal).mp3
13 Stranger In My Own Home Town (Unedited Version).mp3
14 Reach Out To Jesus (Unreleased Elvis' Vocal Version).mp3
15 Never Been To Spain (Live).mp3
16 Hawaiian Wedding Song (Stage Recording, Takes 1 & 2).mp3
17 No More (Stage Recording, Take 2).mp3
18 Hawaiian Wedding Song (Stage Recording, Take 3).mp3
19 Early Morning Rain (Stage Recording, Master Take).mp3
20 Mr. Songman (Unreleased Alternate Mix).mp3
21 There's A Honkey Tonk Angel (Undubbed Master).mp3
22 Down In The Alley (Informal Recording).mp3
23 Hurt (Undubbed Master Take).mp3
24 Love Coming Down (Undubbed Master Take).mp3
25 Way Down (Alternate Undubbed Master).mp3
26 Unchained Melody (Live, Without Overdubs).mp3