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01 Shake, Rattle and Roll (Take 4).mp3
02 One Night Of Sin (Master).mp3
03 Don't (Master).mp3
04 King Creole (Take 13).mp3
05 Steadfast, Loyal And True (Take 14).mp3
06 As Long As I Have You (take 5).mp3
07 Lover Doll (Take 8).mp3
08 Soldier Boy (Takes 2,9).mp3
09 Like A Baby (Takes 3, 5, 1).mp3
10 Lonely Man (Group Version).mp3
11 Husky Dusky Day (Excerpt From Movie).mp3
12 I'm Yours (Master).mp3
13 Sound Advice (Master).mp3
14 On Top Of Old Smokey (Excerpt From Movie).mp3
15 (Such An) Easy Question (Take 4).mp3
16 Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers (Take 2).mp3
17 Western Union (Take 2).mp3
18 If You Think I Don't Need You (Takes 5, 9, 10).mp3
19 Puppet On A String (Take 10).mp3
20 Down In The Alley (Screaming Girls Version).mp3
21 I'll Remember You (Vocal Overdub, Take 3).mp3
22 If Everyday Was Like Christmas (Takes 1, 2).mp3
23 Speedway (Take 4).mp3
24 Stay Away, Joe (Alt Take).mp3
25 Goin' Home (Take 16).mp3
26 Mama Liked The Roses (Elvis Harmony Vocal).mp3
27 Suspicious Minds (Master).mp3
28 Do You Know Who I Am (False Start).mp3
29 It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' (Take 1).mp3
30 Memory Revival (Track Only).mp3