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The Spliced Takes is a new album (April 2009) from the
GTRlabel. They have taken incomplete takes of 24 songs
and have tried to complete them, creating a “NEW” version.

* = Previously released on previous GTR releases

01 Twenty days And Twenty Nights (Sliced 6,8).mp3
02 The Sound Of Your Cry (Sliced 1,3).mp3
03 Cindy, Cindy (Sliced 2,1).mp3
04 I'll Never Know (Sliced 2,3).mp3
05 *Mary In The Morning (Sliced 2,4).mp3
06 This Is Our Dance (Sliced 9,11).mp3
07 *Life (Sliced 1,2).mp3
08 *Heart Of Rome (Sliced 2,1).mp3
09 Tomorrow Never Comes (Sliced 1,2).mp3
10 *If I Were You (Sliced 3,5).mp3
11 Only Believe (Sliced 3,4).mp3
12 *Sylvia (Sliced 3,9).mp3
13 Patch It Up (Sliced 7,9).mp3
14 Separate Ways #1 (Sliced 13,21).mp3
15 Where Do I Go From Here (Sliced 7,8).mp3
16 Burning Love (Sliced 3,4).mp3
17 It's A Matter Of Time (Sliced 3,4).mp3
18 For The Good Times (rehearsal Sliced 6,7).mp3
19 Separate Ways #2 (Sliced 24,25).mp3
20 Find Out What's Happening (Sliced 8,5).mp3
21 For Ol' Times Sake (Sliced 6,4).mp3
22 Are You Sincere (Sliced 2,1).mp3
23 Fairytale (Sliced 1,3).mp3
24 Moody Blue (Sliced 7,5).mp3