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An A-Z of live recordings released on 6 CD's

Disc 1
001 a big hunk o' love (9-4-72).mp3
002 a fool such as i (25-3-61).mp3
003 all shook up (24-8-69).mp3
004 along came jones [One Line] (19-8-70).mp3
005 alright, okay, you win (29-9-74).mp3
006 amazing grace (14-8-73).mp3
007 amen (21-6-77).mp3
008 america the beautiful (21-3-76).mp3
009 an american trilogy (14-4-72).mp3
010 and i love you so (19-6-77).mp3
011 are you lonesome tonight (24-8-69).mp3
012 auld lang syne (31-12-76).mp3
013 ave maria [Excerpt] (21-8-70).mp3
014 baby let's play house (4-2-56).mp3
015 baby what you want me to do (29-6-68).mp3
016 big boss man (29-4-77).mp3
017 blue christmas (27-6-68).mp3
018 blue hawaii (24-4-77).mp3
019 blue moon of kentucky (16-10-54).mp3
020 blue suede shoes (29-6-68).mp3
021 blueberry hill (14-2-77).mp3
022 bosom of abraham (7-12-76).mp3
023 bridge over troubled water (11-8-70).mp3
024 burning love (14-1-73).mp3
025 by the time i get to phoenix [Excerpt] (21-2-71).mp3
026 can't help falling in love (29-6-68).mp3
027 carry me back to old virginia [Excerpt] (10-4-72).mp3
028 crying in the chapel (19-8-75).mp3
029 crying time [Excerpt] (21-8-70).mp3
030 danny boy (1-6-76).mp3
031 detroit city [Excerpt] (9-11-70).mp3
032 don't be cruel (6-1-57).mp3
033 don't cry daddy (15-2-70).mp3
034 down in the alley (19-8-74).mp3
035 early mornin' rain (28-12-76).mp3
036 everybody loves somebody [Excerpt] (23-2-70).mp3
037 faded love (13-5-73).mp3
038 fairytale (19-6-77).mp3
039 fame and fortune (26-3-60).mp3
040 farther along [Excerpt] (12-8-70).mp3
041 fever (5-7-76).mp3

Disc 2
042 folsom prison blues [Excerpt] (14-8-70).mp3
043 for the good times (14-4-72).mp3
044 funny how time slips away (25-8-69).mp3
045 god calls me home [Excerpt] (11-12-76).mp3
046 good rockin' tonight (19-3-55).mp3
047 good time charlie's got the blues (19-8-74).mp3
048 green green grass of home (22-3-75).mp3
049 guadalajara [Excerpt] (3-9-73).mp3
050 happy birthday to bruce jackson (3-6-75).mp3
051 happy birthday to charlie hodge (12-12-76).mp3
052 happy birthday to james burton (21-8-69).mp3
053 happy birthday to kitten kahane (28-7-76).mp3
054 hawaiian wedding song (21-6-77).mp3
055 heartbreak hotel (26-8-69).mp3
056 hearts of stone (15-1-55).mp3
057 help me (3-5-77).mp3
058 help me make it through the night (13-12-75).mp3
059 hey bo diddley [Excerpt] (28-12-76).mp3
060 hey jude (26-8-69).mp3
061 his latest flame [Excerpt] (3-9-71).mp3
062 hound dog (15-12-56).mp3
063 how great thou art (20-3-74).mp3
064 hurt (21-6-77).mp3
065 i ain't about to sing [Excerpt] (12-8-71).mp3
066 i apologize [Excerpt] (27-5-74).mp3
067 i can't stop loving you (5-2-73).mp3
068 i don't care if the sun don't shine (22-1-55).mp3
069 i found my thrill medley (2-74).mp3
070 i got a woman (28-1-56).mp3
071 i john (1-8-71).mp3
072 i just can't help believin' (11-8-70).mp3
073 i love little baby ducks [Excerpt] (7-5-75).mp3
074 i need your love tonight (25-3-61).mp3
075 i need your lovin' every day [Excerpt] (14-8-71).mp3
076 i really don't want to know (21-6-77).mp3
077 i walk the line [Excerpt] (14-8-70).mp3
078 i want you, i need you, i love you (1-7-56).mp3
079 i was the one (18-2-56).mp3
080 if i can dream (29-6-68).mp3
081 if you love me (let me know) (24-4-77).mp3
082 if you talk in your sleep (19-8-74).mp3

Disc 3
083 i'll be there [Excerpt] (22-3-75).mp3
084 i'll remember you (14-1-73).mp3
085 i'm leavin' (31-5-75).mp3
086 i'm leavin' it up to you (23-1-72).mp3
087 i'm left, you're right, she's gone (16-7-55).mp3
088 i'm so lonesome i could cry (14-1-73).mp3
089 in the ghetto (25-8-69).mp3
090 inherit the wind (26-8-69).mp3
091 it's a matter of time (25-8-73).mp3
092 it's impossible (16-2-72).mp3
093 it's midnight (24-4-75).mp3
094 it's now or never (21-6-77).mp3
095 it's over (17-2-72).mp3
096 it's very nice to go traveling [Excerpt] (26-3-60).mp3
097 i've lost you (10-8-70).mp3
098 jailhouse rock (29-6-68).mp3
099 jambalayah [Excerpt] (4-5-75).mp3
100 johnny b. goode (24-8-69).mp3
101 just pretend (11-8-70).mp3
102 kentucky rain (17-2-70).mp3
103 ku-u-i-po [Excerpt] (7-5-76).mp3
104 lady of spain [Excerpt] (30-8-73).mp3
105 lawdy miss clawdy (9-4-72).mp3
106 let it be me (17-2-70).mp3
107 let me be there (20-3-74).mp3
108 little darlin' (24-4-77).mp3
109 little sister - get back (12-8-70).mp3
110 long live rock 'n' roll [Excerpt] (3-7-76).mp3
111 long tall sally (6-5-56).mp3
112 love letters (5-7-76).mp3
113 love me (28-10-56).mp3
114 love me tender (29-6-68).mp3
115 love me, love the life i lead (mixed with live audience).mp3
116 loving you (19-8-75).mp3
117 make the world go away (13-8-70).mp3

Disc 4
118 maybelline (20-8-55).mp3
119 memories (3-8-69).mp3
120 memphis tennessee (6-8-73).mp3
121 men with broken hearts [Short Poem] (11-8-70).mp3
122 mickey mouse club march [Excerpt] (2-5-75).mp3
123 money honey (24-3-56).mp3
124 moody blue (21-2-77).mp3
125 more [Excerpt] (20-8-70).mp3
126 my babe (26-8-69).mp3
127 my baby left me (19-8-74).mp3
128 my boy (6-5-75).mp3
129 my way (21-6-77).mp3
130 my wish came true [Excerpt] (20-2-77).mp3
131 mystery train - tiger man (24-8-69).mp3
132 never been to spain (18-4-72).mp3
133 o solo mio [Excerpt] (13-12-75).mp3
134 oh happy day (14-8-70).mp3
135 old shep [Excerpt] (19-2-72).mp3
136 one night (13-8-70).mp3
137 only believe (27-1-71).mp3
138 patch it up (12-8-70).mp3
139 peace in the valley (6-1-57).mp3
140 pieces of my life (24-7-75).mp3
141 polk salad annie (12-8-70).mp3
142 power of my love (mixed with live audience).mp3
143 promised land (19-8-74).mp3
144 proud mary (15-2-72).mp3
145 rags to riches (31-12-76).mp3
146 raised on rock (6-8-73).mp3
147 ready teddy (9-9-56).mp3
148 reconsider baby (23-8-69).mp3
149 release me (14-4-72).mp3

Disc 5
150 return to sender (1-8-76).mp3
151 rip it up [Excerpt] (30-4-77).mp3
152 roses are red [Excerpt] (22-3-75).mp3
153 rubberneckin' (26-8-69).mp3
154 runaway (23-8-69).mp3
155 san antonio rose [Excerpt] (1-9-70).mp3
156 santa claus is back in town (27-6-68).mp3
157 see see rider (19-2-70).mp3
158 shake a hand (23-7-75).mp3
159 shake, rattle and roll - flip, flap and fly (28-1-56).mp3
160 snowbird (29-1-71).mp3
161 so high [Excerpt] (20-8-71).mp3
162 softly as i leave you (13-12-75).mp3
163 something (10-8-70).mp3
164 spanish eyes (24-5-74).mp3
165 steamroller blues (3-2-73).mp3
166 stop the world and let me off [Excerpt] (21-8-74).mp3
167 stranger in the crowd (13-8-70).mp3
168 stuck on you (26-3-60).mp3
169 such a night (25-3-61).mp3
170 surrender [Excerpt] (26-8-69).mp3
171 suspicious minds (16-2-70).mp3
172 suzie q [Excerpt] (20-7-75).mp3
173 sweet caroline (12-8-70).mp3
174 sweet inspiration [Excerpt] (20-8-70).mp3
175 swing down sweet chariot (25-3-61).mp3
176 take these chains from my heart [Excerpt] (21-8-74).mp3
177 teddy bear (28-1-71).mp3
178 that's all right (21-6-77).mp3
179 that's amore [Excerpt] (29-3-75).mp3
180 that's when your heartaches begin (31-8-57).mp3
181 the eyes of texas [Excerpt] (4-6-75).mp3
182 the first time ever i saw your face (29-12-76).mp3
183 the great pretender [Excerpt] (1-4-75).mp3
184 the impossible dream (10-6-72).mp3
185 the lord's prayer [Excerpt] (9-2-74).mp3
186 the most beautiful girl in the world [Excerpt] (27-1-74).mp3
187 the next step is love (10-8-70).mp3
188 the wonder of you (18-2-70).mp3
189 there goes my everything (12-8-70).mp3
190 this is the story (26-8-69).mp3
191 tiger man (27-6-68).mp3

Disc 6
192 tiptoes trough the tulips - macarthurpark [Excerpt] (29-6-68).mp3
193 too much (6-1-57).mp3
194 toreador [Excerpt] (11-8-70).mp3
195 trouble (3-9-73).mp3
196 t-r-o-u-b-l-e (10-6-75).mp3
197 true love travels on a gravel road (26-1-70).mp3
198 trying to get to you (27-6-68).mp3
199 turn around and look at me [Excerpt] (23-7-75).mp3
200 tutti frutti (18-2-56).mp3
201 tweedle dee (30-4-55).mp3
202 twenty days and twenty nights (12-8-70).mp3
203 unchained melody (21-6-77).mp3
204 until it's time for you to go (11-8-72).mp3
205 us male [Excerpt] (11-8-70).mp3
206 walk a mile in my shoes (19-2-70).mp3
207 we shall overcome [Excerpt] (27-8-74).mp3
208 welcome to my world (14-1-73).mp3
209 what a friend we have in jesus [Excerpt] (28-8-73).mp3
210 what now my love (14-1-73).mp3
211 what'd i say (21-8-69).mp3
212 when my blue moon turns to gold again (6-1-57).mp3
213 when the snow is on the roses (24-8-70).mp3
214 where no one stands alone (16-2-77).mp3
215 whole lotta shakin' goin' on - mama don't dance (20-3-74).mp3
216 why me lord (20-3-74).mp3
217 witchcraft - love me tender (26-3-60).mp3
218 wooden heart (13-12-75).mp3
219 words (10-8-70).mp3
220 yesterday (25-8-69).mp3
221 you better run [Excerpt] (7-12-76).mp3
222 you can have her (11-5-74).mp3
223 you do something to me [Excerpt] (1-4-75).mp3
224 you don't have to say you love me (12-8-70).mp3
225 you don't know me [Excerpt] (14-8-70).mp3
226 you gave me a mountain (14-1-73).mp3
227 you'll never walk alone (19-7-75).mp3
228 young and beautiful (19-8-75).mp3
229 you're the reason i'm living (22-3-75).mp3
230 you've lost that lovin' feelin' (12-8-70).mp3