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01 Gi Blues (3,7).Mp3
02 Frankfort Special (Fast Tempo 5,2).Mp3
03 Tonight Is So Right For Love (5,4).Mp3
04 Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (23,25).Mp3
05 Lonely Man (Solo 2,3).Mp3
06 Blue Hawaii (3,6).Mp3
07 No More (4,7).Mp3
08 Rock A Hula Baby (2,3).Mp3
09 What A Wonderful Life (5,6).Mp3
10 King Of The Whole Wide World (M1-15,25).Mp3
11 We'll Be Together (8,10).Mp3
12 Beyond The Bend (1,2).Mp3
13 One Broken Heart For Sale (3,1).Mp3
14 If You Think I Don't Need You (5,7).Mp3
15 Shoppin' Around (4,1).Mp3
16 What's She Really Like (3,5).Mp3
17 Doin' The Best I Can (7,9).Mp3
18 Can't Help Falling In Love (Composite 13,26).Mp3
19 Ku-U-I-Po (2,5).Mp3
20 Island Of Love (9,8).Mp3
21 I'm Not The Marrying Kind (4,6).Mp3
22 I'm Falling In Love Tonight (7,6).Mp3
23 Home Is Where The Heart Is (6,7).Mp3
24 A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You (1,2).Mp3
25 Today, Tomorrow And Forever (Duet 1,2).Mp3
26 Pocketful Of Rainbows (4,8).Mp3
27 Tonight's All Right For Love (9,8).Mp3
28 Frankfort Special (Medium Tempo 6,5).Mp3
29 Slicin' Sand (6,7).Mp3
30 Almost Always True (6,5).Mp3
31 Moonlight Swim (1,4).Mp3
32 Take Me To The Fair (5,7).Mp3
33 Happy Ending (4,6).Mp3