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01 mystery train - tiger man (film opening - live 12-8-70)
02 stranger in the crowd (rehearsal 29-7-70).mp3
03 mary in the morning (rehearsal 7-8-70).mp3
04 that's all right (live 10-8-70).mp3
05 polk salad annie (live 12-8-70).mp3
06 you've lost that lovin' feelin' (live 11-8-70).mp3
07 sweet caroline (live 12-8-70).mp3
08 i just can't help believin' (live 11-8-70).mp3
09 bridge over troubled water (live 11-8-70).mp3
10 heartbreak hotel (live 12-8-70).mp3
11 one night (12-8-70).mp3
12 i've lost you (live 12-8-70).mp3
13 suspicious minds (live 12-8-70).mp3
14 johnny b. goode (film opening - rehearsal 30-3-72).mp3
15 see see rider (live 9-4-72).mp3
16 seperate ways (rehearsal 30-3-72).mp3
17 proud mary (live 18-4-72).mp3
18 never been to spain (live 9-4-72).mp3
19 burning love (live 18-4-72).mp3
20 lead me, guide me (rehearsal 31-3-72).mp3
21 bosom of abraham (rehearsal 31-3-72).mp3
22 i john (rehearsal 31-3-72).mp3
23 funny how time slips away (live 14-4-72).mp3
24 an american trilogy (live 14-4-72).mp3
25 lawdy miss clawdy (live 9-4-72).mp3
26 can't help falling in love (live 9-4-72).mp3