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01. I've Lost You (Unedited Master)
02. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (Undubbed)
03. Patch It Up (Unedited Master)
04. Love Letters (Rough Mix)
05. Padre (Rough Mix)
06. I've Got Confidence (Vocal Group Version)
07. He Touched Me (Alternate Master)
08. Seeing Is Believing (Drums Replace Overdub)
09. It's Still Here (Only Elvis And Piano)
10. The Impossible Dream (Unreleased Live Version)
11. I Can't Stop Loving You (Live)
12. Rock 'n' Roll Medley (Live 1973)
13. Sweet Angeline (Undubbed Master)
14. Promised Land (Stereo)
15. Spanish Eyes (Private Recording)
16. I Can Help (1985 Remix)
17. Shake A Hand (Unedited Undubbed Master)
18. She Thinks I Still Care (Alternate Take)
19. A Thing Called Love (Basic Track Vocals Jack Hess)
20. Tiger Man (Extended Overdubbed Version)