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Rejects Volume 1
101 Heartbreak Hotel (Spliced Take).mp3
102 I Was The One (Unedited Master).mp3
103 My Baby Left Me (Alternate Take).mp3
104 I Got A Woman (Spliced Take).mp3
105 How's The World Treating You (Alternate Take)
106 Hound Dog (Live).mp3
107 One-sided Love Affair (Alternate Take).mp3
108 Any Way You Want Me (No Added Echo).mp3
109 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Alternate Take).mp3
110 Mean Woman Blues (Complete Mono Master).mp3
111 Tell Me Why (Remaster).mp3
112 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Dry Reverb).mp3
113 Treat Me Nice (Alternate Take).mp3
114 Blueberry Hill (Rehearsal).mp3
115 A Big Hunk O' Love (Alternate Guitar Part).mp3
116 A Fool Such As I (Alternate Take).mp3
117 I Got Stung (Alternate Take).mp3
118 I Need You Love Tonight (Rare Version).mp3
119 I'm Counting On You (Dry Reverb).mp3

Rejects Volume 2
201 I Gotta Know [Alt Version].mp3
202 It's Now Or Never [Rare Fade Out].mp3
203 Such A Night [Rare Mix].mp3
204 Wild In The Country [Overdubbed].mp3
205 Can't Help Falling In Love [Rare Mix].mp3
206 Hawaiian Wedding Song [Film Master].mp3
207 Little Sister [No Jordanaires].mp3
208 I'm Yours [Stereo Single Mix].mp3
209 Follow That Dream.mp3
210 Bossa Nova Baby [Longer Fade-Out].mp3
211 Blue River [Single Version].mp3
212 Tender Feeling [Undubbed Master].mp3
213 Mexico [Undubbed].mp3
214 Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce [Unedited].mp3
215 I'm A Roustabout [Stereo Master].mp3
216 Girl Happy [Film Master].mp3
217 Spring Fever [Film Master].mp3
218 Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce [Take 2].mp3