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01 We Call On Him (Undubbed Acetate).mp3
02 You'll Never Walk Alone (Undubbed Acetate).mp3
03 All I Need Was The Rain (Extended Remix).mp3
04 Guitar Man (Remix).mp3
05 Wearin' That Loved On Look (Undubbed Master).mp3
06 A Little Bit of Green (Undubbed Acetate).mp3
07 Mama Liked The Roses (Undubbed Acetate).mp3
08 Poor Man's Gold (Overdubbed Vocal Backing Track).mp3
09 My Little Friend (Vocal Track).mp3
10 Snowbird (Alternate Take).mp3
11 Where Did They Go, Lord (Alternate Take).mp3
12 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Duet Temple Riser).mp3
13 Early Mornin' Rain (Undubbed Acetate).mp3
14 The Wonderful World of Christmas (Vocal Overdub).mp3
15 It's Only Love-I Shall Be Released (Remix Medley).mp3
16 Make The World Go Away (Live 1971).mp3
17 Something (Live 1971).mp3
18 For The Good Times (Alternate Take).mp3
19 Burning Love (Alternate Take).mp3
20 Faded Love (Live 1973).mp3
21 Spanish Eyes (Duet With Sherill Neilson).mp3
22 If (Ultra-Rare Live) EER ALERT – THIS IS NOT ELVIS.mp3