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CD 1
101 His Hand In Mine.mp3
102 I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stai.mp3
103 In My Father's House.mp3
104 Milky White Way.mp3
105 Known Only To Him.mp3
106 I Believe In The Man In The Sky.mp3
107 Joshua Fit The Battle.mp3
108 He Knows Just What I Need.mp3
109 Swing Down, Sweet Chariot.mp3
110 Mansion Over The Hilltop.mp3
111 If We Never Meet Again.mp3
112 Working In The Building.mp3
113 Crying In The Chapel.mp3
114 How Great Thou Art.mp3
115 In The Garden.mp3
116 Somebody Bigger Than You And I.mp3
117 Father Along.mp3
118 Stand By Me.mp3
119 Without Him.mp3
120 So High.mp3
121 Where Could I Go But To The Lord.mp3
122 By And By.mp3
123 If The Lord Wasn't Walking By.mp3
124 Run On.mp3
125 Where No One Stands Alone.mp3
126 We Call On Him.mp3
127 You'll Never Walk Alone.mp3
128 Who Am I.mp3
129 Life.mp3

CD 2
201 Only Believe.mp3
202 He Touched Me.mp3
203 I've Got Confidence.mp3
204 Amazing Grace.mp3
205 Seeing Is Believing.mp3
206 He Is My Everything.mp3
207 Bosom Of Abraham.mp3
208 An Evening Prayer.mp3
209 Lead Me Guide Me.mp3
210 There Is No God But God.mp3
211 A Thing Called Love.mp3
212 I John.mp3
213 Reach Out To Jesus.mp3
214 Miracle Of The Rosary.mp3
215 Put Your Hand In The Hand.mp3
216 I Got A Feeling In My Body.mp3
217 Help Me.mp3
218 If That Isn't Love.mp3
219 Help Me (Live).mp3
220 Why Me Lord (Live).mp3
221 How Great Thou Art (Live).mp3
222 Farther Along.mp3
223 Oh Happy Day.mp3
224 I John.mp3
225 Bosom Of Abraham.mp3
226 You Better Run.mp3
227 Lead Me Guide Me.mp3
228 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.mp3

CD 3
301 When The Saints Go Marching In.mp3
302 Just A Little Talk With Jesus.mp3
303 Jesus Walked That Lonesome Valley.mp3
304 I Shall Not Be Moved.mp3
305 Peace In The Valley.mp3
306 Down By The Riverside.mp3
307 Farther Along.mp3
308 Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand).mp3
309 On The Jericho Road.mp3
310 I Just Can't Make It By Myself.mp3
311 I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling.mp3
312 When The Saints Go Marching In.mp3
313 Softly And Tenderly.mp3
314 Peace In The Valley.mp3
315 It Is No Secret (What God Can Do).mp3
316 I Believe.mp3
317 Take My Hand Precious Lord.mp3
318 I Asked The Lord.mp3
319 He.mp3
320 Oh How I Love Jesus.mp3
321 Show Me Thy Ways O Lord.mp3
322 Hide Thou Me.mp3
323 Down By The Riverside-When The Saints Go Marching In.mp3
324 Sing You Children.mp3
325 Swing Down Sweet Chariot.mp3
326 Let Us Pray.mp3
327 Gospel Medley.mp3
328 The Lords Prayer.mp3
329 How Great Thou Art (Live).mp3
330 Peace In The Valley.mp3