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01 Too Much Monkey Business (Take 9).Mp3
02 Guitar Man (Take 5).Mp3
03 Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Take 2, Part 1).Mp3
04 Us Male (Take 7).Mp3
05 Big Boss Man (Take 2).Mp3
06 Love Letters (Take 2).Mp3
07 Indescribably Blue (Take 1).Mp3
08 Fools Fall In Love (Take 4).Mp3
09 Hi Heel Sneakers (Edited, Take 5).Mp3
10 Down In The Alley (Take 1).Mp3
11 Come What May (Take 2).Mp3
12 Mine (Take 9).Mp3
13 Just Call Me Lonesome (Take 4).Mp3
14 You Don't Know Me (Take 2).Mp3
15 Stay Away (Take 2).Mp3
16 Singing Tree (1st Version Take 4).Mp3
17 Goin' Home (Take 21).Mp3
18 I'll Remember You (Edited Take 2).Mp3
19 Too Much Monkey Business (Take 10).Mp3
20 Guitar Man (Take 10).Mp3
21 Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Take 2, Part 2).Mp3
22 Us Male (Take 10).Mp3
23 Big Boss Man (Take 9).Mp3
24 Love Letters (Take 7).Mp3
25 Down In The Alley (Take 6).Mp3
26 Come What May (Take 6).Mp3
27 Just Call Me Lonesome (Take 6).Mp3
28 Stay Away (Take 9).Mp3
29 Singing Tree (Take 2nd Version 3).Mp3
30 Goin' Home (Take 29).Mp3