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01 road medley (from loving you).mp3
02 danny.mp3
03 tonight's all right for love.mp3
04 summer kisses winter tears.mp3
05 black star.mp3
06 black star (end title, take 6).mp3
07 britches.mp3
08 summer kisses winter tears (movie version).mp3
09 wild in the country (maracas overdub).mp3
10 forget me never.mp3
11 lonely man.mp3
12 steppin' out of line.mp3
13 a whistling tune (1st version).mp3
14 i don't want to.mp3
15 where do you come from.mp3
16 mama (short version take 3).mp3
17 mama (composite).mp3
18 plantation rock.mp3
19 night life.mp3
20 do the vega.mp3
21 you're the boss (duet).mp3
22 today, tomorrow and forever (duet).mp3
23 anyone.mp3
24 i'm a roustabout.mp3
25 wisdom of the ages.mp3
26 animal instinct.mp3
27 sand castles.mp3
28 it won't be long.mp3
29 she's a machine.mp3
30 how can you lose what you never had.mp3
31 clambake (reprise, take 3).mp3
32 five sleepy heads.mp3
33 too much monkey business.mp3
34 goin' home.mp3
35 let's forget about the stars.mp3
36 let's be friends.mp3