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01 Loving You (KX Take 14).mp3
02 Jailhouse Rock (Take 5).mp3
03 Treat Me Nice (Take 12).mp3
04 Flaming Star (Alternate Master).mp3
05 Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (Take 9).mp3
06 Forget Me Never (Solo Version).mp3
07 Lonely Man (Alternate Take).mp3
08 Steppin' Out Of Line (Spliced Take).mp3
09 Riding The Rainbow (Take 4).mp3
10 Earth Boy (Alternate Take).mp3
11 Mexico (Duet).mp3
12 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here (Alternate Master).mp3
13 Viva Y Amor (Film Master).mp3
14 Kissin' Cousins (Undubbed).mp3
15 Little Egypt (Film Master).mp3
16 Viva Las Vegas (Alternate Take).mp3
17 The Lady Loves Me (Duet).mp3
18 Doin' The Best I Can (Remake).mp3
19 CBS Fox Commercial.mp3