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01 It's Carnival Time (Binaural Stereo).mp3
02 I'm A Roustabout (Stereo).mp3
03 My Desert Serenade (Take 5).mp3
04 Down By The Riverside (Rare Version).mp3
05 Beginners Luck (Undubbed).mp3
06 Am I Ready (Take 1).mp3
07 Girl Happy (Take 13).mp3
08 The Meanest Girl In Town (Take 9).mp3
09 There's So Much World To See (Undubbed).mp3
10 Long Legged Girl (Different Mix).mp3
11 I Love Only One Girl (Undubbed).mp3
12 You Don't Know Me (Film Master).mp3
13 Hey Hey Hey (Solo Version).mp3
14 You Don't Know Me (Alternate With Organ).mp3
15 I'm Going Home (Alternate Take).mp3
16 Stay Away (Longer Fade).mp3
17 Almost (Undubbed).mp3
18 Earth Boy (Acetate).mp3
19 Relax (Instrumental).mp3