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01 trouble (22-6-68, 3-9-73).mp3
02 reconsider baby (live 10-6-72).mp3
03 a mess of blues (1).mp3
04 give me the right (1).mp3
05 such a night (1 without sax).mp3
06 when it rains, it really pours (sun 55).mp3
07 trying to get to you (27-6-68, 6pm).mp3
08 like a baby (4).mp3
09 i want to be free (11).mp3
10 mean woman blues (bx 7).mp3
11 ain't that loving you baby (1).MP3
12 one night of sin.mp3
13 little sister (3).mp3
14 so glad you're mine (master).mp3
15 big boss man (2).mp3
16 i want you with me (1).mp3
17 baby what you want me to do (live 22-8-69).mp3
18 santa claus is back in town (live 27-6-68, 8pm).mp3
19 stuck on you (1).mp3
20 i feel so bad (1).mp3
21 what i'd say (2).mp3
22 tomorrow night (with 1965 overdub).mp3
23 it feels so right (3).mp3
24 merry christmas baby (from this is elvis).mp3

25 my baby left me (rehearsal) (29-7-70).mp3
26 down in the alley (1).mp3
27 hi-heel sneakers (5).mp3
28 stranger in my own home town (rehearsal 24-7-70).mp3