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CD 1
101 Stay Away Joe (Record Version) (Take 1).mp3
102 Stay Away Joe (Record Version) (Take 2).mp3
103 Stay Away Joe (Record Version) (Take 3).mp3
104 Stay Away Joe (Record Version) (Take 4).mp3
105 Stay Away Joe (Record Version) (Take 5).mp3
106 Stay Away Joe (Record Version) (Take 6).mp3
107 Stay Away Joe (Record Version) (Take 8).mp3
108 Stay Away Joe (Record Version) (Take 9).mp3

109 Dominic (Take 5 Master).mp3

110 All I Needed Was The Rain (Vocal Overdub) (Master).mp3

111 Stay Away Joe (Vocal Overdub) (Master).mp3

112 Too Much Monkey Business (Take 4).mp3
113 Too Much Monkey Business (Take 9).mp3
114 Too Much Monkey Business (Take 10).mp3
115 Too Much Monkey Business (Take 12 Master).mp3

116 Goin' Home (Take 2).mp3
117 Goin' Home (Take 3).mp3
118 Goin' Home (Take 4).mp3
119 Goin' Home (Take 5).mp3
120 Goin' Home (Take 9).mp3
121 Goin' Home (Take 10).mp3
122 Goin' Home (Take 11).mp3
123 Goin' Home (Take 12).mp3
124 Goin' Home (Take 14).mp3
125 Goin' Home (Take 15).mp3
126 Goin' Home (Take 16).mp3

CD 2
201 Goin' Home (Take 17).mp3
202 Goin' Home (Take 18).mp3
203 Goin' Home (Take 19).mp3
204 Goin' Home (Take 20).mp3
205 Goin' Home (Take 21).mp3
206 Goin' Home (Take 22).mp3
207 Goin' Home (Take 23).mp3
208 Goin' Home (Take 24).mp3
209 Goin' Home (Take 25).mp3
210 Goin' Home (Take 26).mp3
211 Goin' Home (Take 29).mp3
212 Goin' Home (Take 30 Master).mp3

213 Stay Away (Take 1).mp3
214 Stay Away (Take 2).mp3
215 Stay Away (Jam - Muleskinner Blues).mp3
216 Stay Away (Take 3).mp3
217 Stay Away (Take 4).mp3
218 Stay Away (Take 5).mp3
219 Stay Away (Take 6).mp3
220 Stay Away (Take 7).mp3
221 Stay Away (Take 8).mp3
222 Stay Away (Take 9).mp3
223 Stay Away (Take 10).mp3
224 Stay Away (Take 11).mp3
225 Stay Away (Take 12).mp3
226 Stay Away (Take 13).mp3
227 Stay Away (Take 14).mp3
228 Stay Away (Take 15 Master Undubbed).mp3
229 Stay Away (Overdub) (Take 1).mp3
230 Stay Away (Overdub) (Take 2).mp3
231 Stay Away (Overdub) (Take 3 Master).mp3

232 U.S. Male (Take 1).mp3
233 U.S. Male (Take 2).mp3
234 U.S. Male (Take 3).mp3
235 U.S. Male (Take 4).mp3
236 U.S. Male (Take 5).mp3
237 U.S. Male (Take 6).mp3
238 U.S. Male (Take 7).mp3
239 U.S. Male (Take 8).mp3
240 U.S. Male (Take 9).mp3
241 U.S. Male (Take 10).mp3
242 U.S. Male (Take 11).mp3
243 U.S. Male (Take 12 Master).mp3