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CD 1
101. Guitar Man (Take 1).mp3
102. Guitar Man (Take 2).mp3
103. Guitar Man (Take 3).mp3
104. Guitar Man (Take 4).mp3
105. Guitar Man (Take 5).mp3
106. Guitar Man (Take 6).mp3
107. Guitar Man (Take 7).mp3
108. Guitar Man (Take 9).mp3
109. Guitar Man (Take 10).mp3
110. Guitar Man (Take 12 Master).mp3
111. Guitar Man (Edited - Master).mp3

112. Big Boss Man (Take 1).mp3
113. Big Boss Man (Take 2).mp3
114. Big Boss Man (Take 3).mp3
115. Big Boss Man (Take 4).mp3
116. Big Boss Man (Take 5).mp3
117. Big Boss Man (Take 7).mp3
118. Big Boss Man (Take 8).mp3
119. Big Boss Man (Take 9).mp3
120. Big Boss Man (Take 10 Dialogue).mp3
121. Big Boss Man (Take 11 Master).mp3

122. Mine (Take 1).mp3
123. Mine (Take 2).mp3
124. Mine (Take 3).mp3
125. Mine (Take 4).mp3
126. Mine (Take 5).mp3
127. Mine (Take 6).mp3
128. Mine (Take 7).mp3
129. Mine (Take 8).mp3
130. Mine (Take 9).mp3
131. Mine (Take 21 Master).mp3

132. Singing Tree (Take 1).mp3
133. Singing Tree (Take 4).mp3
134. Singing Tree (Take 13 Master).mp3

CD 2
201. Just Call Me Lonesome (Take 1 Master).mp3
202. Just Call Me Lonesome (Take 3).mp3
203. Just Call Me Lonesome (Take 4).mp3
204. Just Call Me Lonesome (Take 6).mp3

205. Hi-Heel Sneakers (Take 5).mp3
206. Hi-Heel Sneakers (Take 7).mp3
207. Hi-Heel Sneakers (Edited Master).mp3

208. You Don't Know Me (Take 1).mp3
209. You Don't Know Me (Take 2).mp3
210. You Don't Know Me (Spliced - Master).mp3

211. We Call On Him (Take 1).mp3
212. We Call On Him (Take 2).mp3
213. We Call On Him (Take 3).mp3
214. We Call On Him (Take 4).mp3
215. We Call On Him (Take 5).mp3
216. We Call On Him (Take 8).mp3
217. We Call On Him (Take 9 Master).mp3

218. You'll Never Walk Alone (Take 1).mp3
219. You'll Never Walk Alone (Take 2).mp3
220. You'll Never Walk Alone (Take 3).mp3
221. You'll Never Walk Alone (Take 4).mp3
222. You'll Never Walk Alone (Take 5).mp3
223. You'll Never Walk Alone (Take 6).mp3
224. You'll Never Walk Alone (Spliced - Master).mp3
225. You'll Never Walk Alone (Unedited - Master).mp3

226. Singing Tree (Take 1).mp3
227. Singing Tree (Take 3).mp3
228. Singing Tree (Harmony Overdub Take na - Master).mp3