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01. I’m left, you're right, she's gone (2).mp3
02. When it rains it really pours (composite 1955).mp3
03. Have i told you lately that i love you (14).mp3
04. Loving you road medley.mp3
05. Crawfish (with kitty white ending).mp3
06. Fame and fortune (spliced 10,12).mp3
07. Dirty dirty feeling (composite 1-3).mp3
08. Wild in the country (maracas overdub).mp3
09. Kiss me quick (spliced 5,6).mp3
10. I met her today (mono version).mp3
11. Echoes of love (spliced 5,3).mp3
12. It hurts me (italian single).mp3
13. Down in the alley (spliced 3,6).mp3
14. Come what may (spliced 1,4).mp3
15. Let yourself go (movie version).mp3
16. U.S. Male (spliced 9,10).mp3
17. Trouble - guitar man (7, 30-6-68).mp3
18. Guitar man - little egypt (30-6-68).mp3
19. If I can dream (1,2) 30-6-68.mp3
20. Wearing' that loved on look (spliced 11,14).mp3
21. Kentucky rain (spliced (5,7).mp3
22. Early mornin' rain (spliced 9,11).mp3
23. Fools rush in (spliced 11,14).mp3
24. I’m leavin' (spliced 2,1).mp3
25. Always on my mind (rehearsal, spliced 1,2).mp3
26. Hawaiian wedding song (1-3, 1973).mp3
27. ku-u-i-po (2,3, 1973).mp3
28. No more (1, 1973).mp3
29. I’ve got a thing about you baby (spliced 8,11).mp3
30. Good time charlie's got the blues (spliced 4,8).mp3