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01 Tonight Is So Right (Take 6).mp3
02 Shoppin' Around (Take 5).mp3
03 Follow That Dream (Take 2).mp3
04 Thanks To The Rolling Sea (Alt.).mp3
05 Mama (Alt.).mp3
06 Earth Boy (Alt.).mp3
07 I Don't Want To Be Tied (Alt.).mp3
08 I'm Falling In Love Tonight (Take 4).mp3
09 They Remind Me To Much Of You (Alt.).mp3
10 Guadalajara (Alt.).mp3
11 Anyone.mp3
12 House Of Sand (Different Film Vers.).mp3
13 Sand Castles.mp3
14 A Dog's Life (Take 4).mp3
15 It Won't Be Long.mp3
16 She's A Machine.mp3
17 You Don't Know Me (Film Vers.).mp3
18 You Don't Know Me (Studio Vers.).mp3
19 Stay Away.mp3
20 Stay Away Joe (Take 1).mp3
21 Stay Away Joe (Take 2).mp3
22 Dominic.mp3
23 All I Needed Was The Rain.mp3
24 Too Much Monkey Business.mp3
25 A Little Less Converstaion (Original).mp3
26 Almost In Love (Original).mp3
27 Wonderful World.mp3
28 Swing Down, Sweet Chariot.mp3
29 Almost.mp3
30 Let's Forget About The Stars.mp3
31 Let's Be Friends.mp3