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01 I'm Beginning To Forget You [home recording].mp3
02 Mona Lisa [home recording].mp3
03 My Heart Cries For You [home recording].mp3
04 Dark Moon [home recording].mp3
05 Write To Me From Naples [home recording].mp3
06 Suppose [home recording].mp3
07 Fame & Fortune [alt].mp3
08 Anything That's Part Of You [alt].mp3
09 You'll Be Gone [single version].mp3
10 Easy Question [alt].mp3
11 I Feel That I've Known You Forever [alt film version].mp3
12 Long Lonely Highway [alt].mp3
13 Beyond The Reef.mp3
14 Come What May.mp3
15 Fools Fall In Love.mp3
16 Mine.mp3
17 Singing Tree.mp3
18 My Little Friend [undubbed].mp3
19 I'll Be There.mp3
20 Kentucky Rain [alt, Felton Jarvis version].mp3
21 If I'm A Fool For Loving You.mp3
22 The Sound Of Your Cry [uncut].mp3
23 I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen [undubbed].mp3
24 Silver Bells [alt].mp3