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01 Cindy Cindy (Alt Master).mp3
02 Heart Of Rome (Extended Master).mp3
03 When I'm Over You (Long Version).mp3
04 Only Believe (Different Version).mp3
05 Sylvia (Long Version).mp3
06 Where Did They Go Lord (Long Version).mp3
07 Rags To Riches (Unedited Version).mp3
08 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Extended Version).mp3
09 Early Morning Rain (Complete Master).mp3
10 That's What You Get For Loving Me (Unedited Version).mp3
11 Help Me Make It Through The Night (Extended Master).mp3
12 Seeing Is Believing (Different Version).mp3
13 I'm Leavin' (Long Version).mp3
14 We Can Make The Morning (Complete Master).mp3
15 It's Only Love (Long Version).mp3