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01 Let Me (Overdubbed Version).mp3
02 Heartbreak Hotel (Live 2 April 1957).mp3
03 I Was The One (Live 31 August 1957).mp3
04 That's When Your Heartaches Begin (Live 31 August 1957).mp3
05 I Gotta Know (Alternate Version).mp3
06 Today, Tomorrow And Forever (Instrumental).mp3
07 Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce (Instrumental #1).mp3
08 Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce (Instrumental #2).mp3
09 Charro (Alternated Undubbed Version).mp3
10 Don't Cry Daddy (Harmony Vocal Overdub).mp3
11 From A Jack To A King (Alternate Version).mp3
12 Mama Liked The Roses (Harmony Vocal Overdub).mp3
13 Early Morning Rain (Undubbed).mp3
14 Miracle Of The Rosafy (Alternate Take).mp3
15 He Touched Me (Alternate Take).mp3
16 Burning Love (Alternate Take).mp3