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Originally released by K-Tel in 1980, 'Inspirations'
peaked at #6 on the UK album charts.
Here GTR records offer an alternate look at this
classic compilation.

01 crying in the chapel (spliced 1,3 ).mp3
02 it is no secret (5).mp3
03 a thing called love (rehearsal 19-5-71).mp3
04 bosom of abraham (4).mp3
05 in my father's house (7).mp3
06 an evening prayer (5).mp3
07 amazing grace (2).mp3
08 how great thou art (2).mp3
09 lead me, guide me (rehearsal 31-3-72).mp3
10 the impossible dream (live 16-2-70).mp3
11 peace in the valley (7).mp3
12 i'm gonna walk dem golden stairs (4).mp3
13 i believe in the man in the sky (1).mp3
14 mansion over the hilltop (spliced 2,1).mp3
15 padre (2).mp3
16 where could i go but to the lord (21-6-68, 4).mp3
17 he is my everything (1).mp3
18 somebody bigger than you and i (15).mp3
19 he touched me (2).mp3
20 known only to him (2).mp3

21 seeing is believing (7).mp3
22 sing you children (spliced 18,19).mp3
23 up above my head - i found that light (7) - saved (4).mp3
24 put your hand in the hand (1).mp3
25 joshua fit the battle (spliced 3,2).mp3
26 there is no god but god (2).mp3
27 bosom of abraham (7).mp3
28 an evening prayer (2).mp3
29 how great thou art (live 19-6-77).mp3
30 i'm gonna walk dem golden stairs (2,3).mp3