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01 the wonder of you (13-8-70).mp3
02 i'm leavin' (3).mp3
03 burning love (30-3-72, rehearsal).mp3
04 always on my mind (4).mp3
05 i just can't help believin' (13 & 11-8-70).mp3
06 you don't have to say you love me (10-8-70).mp3
07 there goes my everything (11-8-70).mp3
08 rags to riches (overdub 3).mp3
09 until it's time for you to go (remake 6).mp3
10 kentucky rain (16-2-70).mp3
11 i've lost you (10-8-70).mp3
12 an american trilogy (9-4-72).mp3
13 the next step is love (10-8-70).mp3
14 it's only love (9).mp3
15 the first time ever i saw your face (rehearsal 31-3-72).mp3
16 separate ways (rehearsal 30-3-72).mp3
17 steamroller blues (3-2-73).mp3
18 i've got a thing about you baby (14).mp3
19 if you talk in your sleep (19-8-74).mp3
20 promised land (5).mp3
21 my boy (6-5-75).mp3
22 t-r-o-u-b-l-e (1).mp3
23 hurt (21-6-77).mp3
24 moody blue (5).mp3
25 way down (2).mp3