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Blue Hawaii – Recorded 1960
01. Blue Hawaii (Take 3).mp3
02. Almost Always True (Take 5).mp3
03. Aloha Oe (Take 6).mp3
04. No More (Take 8).mp3
05. Can't Help Falling In Love (Take 16).mp3
06. Rock-A-Hula Baby (Take 3).mp3
07. Moonlight Swim (Take 2).mp3
08. Ku-u-i-po (Take 1).mp3
09. Ito Eats (Take 5).mp3
10. Slicin' Sand (Take 14).mp3
11. Hawaiian Sunset (Take 7).mp3
12. Beach Boy Blues (Movie Version Take 3).mp3
13. Island Of Love (Spliced Take).mp3
14. Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take1).mp3
15. Steppin' Out Of Line (Movie Version).mp3

Girls! Girls! Girls! – Recorded 1962
16. Girls Girls Girls (Take 3).mp3
17. I Don't Wanna Be Tied (Spliced Take).mp3
18. I Don't Want To (Take 3).mp3
19. Where Do You Come From (Take 13).mp3
20. We'll Be Together (Take 10).mp3
21. A Boy Like Me A Girl Like You (Take 2).mp3
22. Thanks To The Rollin' Sea (Take 3).mp3
23. Plantation Rock (Spliced Take).mp3
24. Mama (Spliced Take).mp3
25. Dainty Little Moonbeams-Girls Girls Girls (End Title Version).mp3

Paradise Hawaiian Style – Recorded 1966
26. Paradise Hawaiian Style (Spliced Take).mp3
27. Queenie Wahine's Papaya (Take 5).mp3
28. Scratch My Back (Take 1).mp3
29. Drums Of The Islands (Take 5).mp3
30. Datin' (Take 12).mp3
31. A Dog's Life (Take 4).mp3
32. House Of Sand (Take 3).mp3
33. Stop Where You Are (Take 1).mp3
34. This Is My Heaven (Take 4).mp3
35. Sand Castles (Take 8).mp3