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01 Tonight Is So Right For Love (FO 7).mp3
02 what's she really like (GO 5).mp3
03 frankfort special (HOX 5).mp3
04 wooden heart (QO 3,1).mp3
05 gi blues (EO 1).mp3
06 pocketful of rainbows (NOX 3).mp3
07 shoppin' around (BOX 2).mp3
08 big boots (M1OX take 1).mp3
09 didja' ever (CO 1).mp3
10 blue suede shoes (PO 1).mp3
11 doin' the best i can (DO 3).mp3
12 tonight's all right for love (R1O take 1).mp3
13 gi blues (movie version).mp3
14 tonight is so right for love (movie version spliced with take FO 11).mp3
15 what's she really like (shower movie version).mp3
16 what's she really like (GO 19).mp3
17 doin' the best i can (movie version spliced with take DO 9).mp3
18 frankfort special (movie version).mp3
19 wooden heart (movie version).mp3
20 pocketful of rainbows (movie version).mp3
21 shoppin' around (movie version, ending take BOX 7).mp3
22 big boots (movie version spliced with master).mp3
23 didja'ever (movie version).mp3
24 loving you - tonight's all right for love (R1O 13).mp3
25 when irish eyes are smiling - gi blues (EO 6).mp3
26 it's all in the game - frankfort special (HO 8).mp3
27 pocketful of rainbows (NO 16).mp3
28 shoppin' around (BO 10).mp3
29 what's she really like (insert GO 20-22).mp3
30 tonight is so right for love (music and chorus RO 4).mp3
31 whistling blues (instrumental JO 1).mp3
32 shoppin' around (instrumental AO 4).mp3
33 gi blues (theatrical trailer).mp3