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This album features the complete show from Elvis live comeback season in 1969 and taken
from the original multi track tapes. It is this great show that gave us the astounding
‘Suspicious Minds’ from the original ‘In Person’ album as well as the excellent ‘My Babe’ from
the Silver ‘EAP’ box-set. The vast majority of this concert has never been released.

The original name for this album was 'White Knight In Vegas' but after one fan pointed out
the association of "White Knight" with the Ku Klux Kla, FTD changed it's name to the highly
original 'Live In Vegas'.

01 Blue Suede Shoes
02 I Got A Woman
03 All Shook Up
04 Love Me Tender
05 Jailhouse Rock / Don't Be Cruel
06 Heartbreak Hotel
07 Hound Dog
08 Memories
09 My Babe (Released On The Elvis Aron Presley Box Set)
10 Mystery Train / Tiger Man
11 Monologue
12 Baby, What You Want Me To Do
13 Runaway
14 Inherit The Wind
15 Yesterday / Hey Jude
16 Introductions
17 In The Ghetto
18 Suspicious Minds (Released on Elvis In Person)
19 Can’t Help Falling In Love.