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The following 31 tracks are all outtakes that were NOT
included on the FTD (Follow That Dream) collectors label.

Blue Hawaii:
01 Ito Eats (Takes 3,7,8 & Movie Tag 1).Mp3
02 Can't Help Falling In Love (Takes 10,11,12,27,28).Mp3

Kid Galahad:
03 King Of The Whole Wide World (M1- Takes 22,23,24).Mp3
04 Home Is Where The Heart Is (Takes 20).Mp3
05 Riding The Rainbow (Mx4- Takes 1,2,7).Mp3
06 I Got Lucky (M5- Takes 2,3,4,5).Mp3
07 This Is Living (M6- Takes 1,3).Mp3

Frankie & Johnny:
08 Please Don't Stop Loving Me (Takes 8,9).Mp3
09 Shout It Out (Takes 4-6).Mp3
10 Look Out Broadway (Takes 1,2,10,11).Mp3
11 Everybody Come Aboard (Takes 6-8).Mp3

Paradise, Hawaiian Style:
12 Drums Of The Islands (Tag Ending Takes 1,2 & Take 2).Mp3
13 This Is My Heaven (Takes 6).Mp3
14 Sand Castles (Ko- Takes 2,3).Mp3
15 Queenie, Wahine's Papaya (Jov- Takes 1,2,3).Mp3

16 Stop, Look And Listen (Takes 4,5).Mp3
17 Am I Ready (Takes 5,6).Mp3
18 Never Say Yes (Takes 3,6).Mp3
19 Adam And Evil (Takes 5-8).Mp3

Bonus Tracks:
Elvis In Nashville

Elvis Is Back:
20 Fame And Fortune (Takes 9).Mp3

His Hand In Mine:
21 He Knows Just What I Need (Takes 9).Mp3

Something For Everybody:
22 Kiss Me Quick (Takes 2).Mp3
23 For The Millionth And The Last Time (Takes 5).Mp3
24 Anything That's Part Of You (Takes 3).Mp3
25 I Met Her Today (Takes 14).Mp3
26 Something Blue (Takes 6).Mp3
27 Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (Takes 6).Mp3
28 Fountain Of Love (Takes 6).Mp3
29 I Feel That I've Known You Forever (Takes 2).Mp3
30 Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Takes 3).Mp3
31 Suspicion (Spliced Takes 4 & 2).Mp3