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CD 1 – Back In Memphis
101 Poor Man's Gold [Part Only].mp3
102 Suspicious Minds [Take 6].mp3
103 Inherit The Wind [NA Take 1].mp3
104 This is the story [Take 2].mp3
105 Stranger In My Own Home Town [Undubbed].mp3
106 A Little Bit Of Green [Take 1].mp3
107 And the grass Won't Pay No Mind [Alternate Vocal].mp3
108 Do You Know Who I Am [Take 4].mp3
109 From a Jack To A King [Take 3].mp3
110 The Fairs Moving On [Alt Mix].mp3
111 You'll Think Of Me [Take 14].mp3
112 Without Love [Take 4].mp3
113 Hey Jude [Spliced Takes 1&5].mp3
114 Dont Cry Daddy [Acetate Undubbed].mp3
115 Mama Liked The Roses [Acetate Undubbed].mp3
116 Rubberneckin [Undubbed].mp3
117 Who Am I [Master].mp3

CD 2 – In Person
201 Blue Suede Shoes.mp3
202 Johnny B. Goode.mp3
203 All Shook Up.mp3
204 Are You Lonesome Tonight.mp3
205 Elvis Talks.mp3
206 Hound Dog.mp3
207 I Can't Stop Loving You.mp3
208 My Babe.mp3
209 Runaway.mp3
210 Yesterday - Hey Jude.mp3
211 Mystery Train - Tiger Man.mp3
212 Words.mp3
213 In The Getto.mp3
214 Suspicious Minds.mp3
215 Can't Help Falling In Love.mp3

Bonus Live Tracks
216 Inherit The Wind.mp3
217 This Is The Story.mp3
218 Rubberneckin.mp3
219 Funny How Time Slips Away.mp3
220 What D I Say.mp3