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01 I Got a Feelin' in My Body [Alternate Take 1].mp3
02 Loving Arms [Alternate Take 2].mp3
03 I've Got a Thing About You Baby [Alternate Take 14].mp3
04 She Wears My Ring [Alternate Take 8].mp3
05 You Asked Me To [Alternate Take 2].mp3
06 There's a Honky Tonk Angel (Who Will Take Me Back In) [Alternate Take 1.mp3
07 Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues [Alternate Take 8].mp3
08 Find Out What's Happening [Alternate Take 6].mp3
09 For Ol' Times Sake [Alternate Take 3].mp3
10 If You Don't Come Back [Alternate Take 3].mp3
11 Promised Land [Alternate Take 4].mp3
12 Thinking About You [Alternate Take 4].mp3
13 Three Corn Patches [Alternate Take 14].mp3
14 Girl of Mine [Alternate Take 9].mp3
15 Your Love's Been a Long Time Coming [Alternate Take 4].mp3
16 Spanish Eyes [Alternate Take 2].mp3
17 Talk About the Good Times [Alternate Take 3].mp3
18 If That Isn't Love [Alternate Take 1].mp3