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01 Love Me Tender (Master).mp3
02 Let Me (Master).mp3
03 Poor Boy (Master).mp3
04 We're Gonna Move (Master).mp3
05 Loving You (Take 10).mp3
06 Party (Unreleased Version).mp3
07 Hot Dog (Master).mp3
08 Teddy Bear (Master).mp3
09 Loving You (Takes 20-21).mp3
10 Mean Woman Blues (Alternate Film Version).mp3
11 Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do (Film Version).mp3
12 Loving You (Take 1, Fast Version).mp3
13 Party (Master).mp3
14 Lonesome Cowboy (Master).mp3
15 Jailhouse Rock (Film Version,Vocal Overdubs Take 6).mp3
16 Treat Me Nice (Take 10).mp3
17 Young And Beautiful (Take 12).mp3
18 Don't Leave Me Now (Take 12).mp3
19 I Want To Be Free (Take 11).mp3
20 Baby I Don't Care (Take 16, Vocal Overdubs, Take 6).mp3
21 Jailhouse Rock (Take 5).mp3
22 Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do (Master).mp3
23 Loving You (Take 1, Slow Version).mp3
24 Mean Woman Blues (Master).mp3
25 Loving You (Take 8).mp3
26 Treat Me Nice (Master).mp3
27 Love Me Tender (End Title Version).mp3