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This is an exact replica is the original Brookville Records release in the USA back in 1976.
The hard copy edition of this release included a miniature version of bonus photo album
that came with the original LP.

This replica CD edition includes six bonus alternates versions of songs featured on the LP.

The Original LP Release:
01. Jailhouse Rock
02. Rock-A-Hula Baby
03. G.I. Blues
04. Kissin Cousins No1
05. Wild In The Country
06. King Creole
07. Blue Hawaii
08. Fun In Acapulco
09. Follow That Dream
10. Girls! Girls! Girls!
11. Viva Las Vegas
12. Bossa Nova Baby
13. Flaming Star
14. Girl Happy
15. Frankie & Johnny (Record Version)
16. Roustabout
17. Spinout
18. Double Trouble
19. Charro
20. They Remind Me Too Much Of You

The CD Bonus Tracks:
21. I'm A Roustabout (Alternate Title Master, Improved Sound)
22. Kissin Cousins No 2 (Improved Sound)
23. Girl Happy (Correct Speed Master)
24. King Creole (Take 18)
25. Black Star (Alternate Title Master, Improved Sound)
26. Frankie & Johnny (Movie Version - Edit)