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101 my baby left me (live 19-8-74).mp3
102 heartbreak hotel (Take 5).mp3
103 blue suede shoes (live 27-6-68, 6pm).mp3
104 hound dog (live 5-6-56).mp3
105 love me tender (live 29-6-68).mp3
106 got a lot o' livin' to do (Take d17).mp3
107 teddy bear (live 28-1-71).mp3
108 all shook up (live 25-3-61).mp3
109 don't (rehearsal 29-7-70).mp3
110 hard headed woman (master 10).mp3
111 king creole (alternate master).mp3
112 jailhouse rock (Take 4).mp3
113 a big hunk o' love (Take 2).MP3
114 i got stung (Take 12).mp3
115 one night (27-6-68, 6pm).mp3
116 stuck on you (spliced 2,1).mp3
117 fever (Take 1).mp3
118 it's now or never (Take 4).mp3
119 are you lonesome tonight (Take 2).mp3
120 wooden heart (Take 1).mp3
121 surrender (Take 2).mp3
122 wild in the country (maracas overdub).mp3
123 rock a hula baby (Take 3).mp3
124 can't help falling in love (Take 13).mp3
125 good luck charm (Take 1).mp3
126 return to sender (live 1-8-76).mp3
127 devil in disguise (Take 3).mp3
128 crying in the chapel (spliced 1,3 ).mp3
129 guitar man (Take 9).mp3
130 in the ghetto (Take 14).mp3
131 suspicious minds (Take 7).mp3
132 there goes my everything (Take 1).mp3
133 my way (live 12-1-73).mp3

201 don't be cruel (4-12-56).mp3
202 i want you, i need you, i love you (Take 17).mp3
203 too much (6-1-57).mp3
204 loving you (main title k3).mp3
205 treat me nice (1st movie version Take 19).mp3
206 i beg of you (Take 6).mp3
207 ain't that loving you baby (Take 4).MP3
208 wear my ring around your neck (undubbed).MP3
209 such a night (Take 1).mp3
210 a mess of blues (Take 3).mp3
211 i gotta know (spliced 1,2).mp3
212 kiss me quick (Take 1).mp3
213 little sister (Take 6).mp3
214 no more (Take 7).mp3
215 i feel so bad (Take 1).mp3
216 king of the whole wide world (1st version Take 1).mp3
217 easy question (Take 2).mp3
218 bossa nova baby (Take 3).mp3
219 mexico (Take 6).mp32
220 witchcraft (Take 1).mp3
221 what i'd say (Take 2).mp3
222 kissin' cousins (hillbilly overdub).mp3
223 viva las vegas (Take 2).mp3
224 ask me (Take 3, 1964).mp3
225 it hurts me (Take 1).mp3
26 i've lost you (Take 6).mp3
227 i just can't help believin' (rehearsal 24-7-70).mp3
228 love letters (Take 1).mp3
229 you don't have to say you love me (composite).mp3
230 the wonder of you (rehearsal 18-2-70, 2).mp3
231 burning love (Take 2).mp3

301 blue moon (Take 1).mp3
302 money honey (fragment & live 24-3-56).mp3
303 i got a woman (unknown take).mp3
304 tutti frutti (live 4-2-56).mp3
305 long tall sally (6-5-56).mp3
306 blueberry hill (Take 2).mp3
307 mean woman blues (bx Take 7).mp3
308 your cheatin' heart (Take 9).MP3
309 dixieland rock (master Take 14).mp3
310 a fool such as i (Take 5).mp3
311 lover doll (undubbed).mp3
312 doncha think it's time (Take 39).MP3
313 make me know it (Take 11).mp3
314 fame and fortune (Take 2).mp3
315 the girl of my best friend (Take 3).mp3
316 lonely man (Take 8).mp3
317 blue hawaii (spliced 6,7).mp3
318 his latest flame (Take 4).mp3
319 aloha oe (spliced section 2, 6).mp3
320 anything that's part of you (Take 1).mp3
321 night rider (Take 3).mp3
322 suspicion (Take 2).mp3
323 she's not you (Take 2).mp3
324 santa lucia (master Take 6).mp3
325 long lonely highway (single master).mp3
326 please don't drag that string around (Take 5).mp3
327 memphis tennessee (Take 1, 1964).mp3
328 little egypt (Take 21).mp3
329 do the clam (master Take 2).mp3
330 indescribably blue (Take 1).mp3
331 gentle on my mind (rough mix).mp3
332 any day now (Take 2).mp3

401 that's all right (Take 3).mp3
402 blue moon of kentucky (Take 3).mp3
403 good rockin' tonight (live 19-3-55).mp3
404 you're a heartbreaker (master).mp3
405 baby let's play house (live 4-2-56).mp3
406 i'm counting on you (spliced 14,13).mp3
407 shake, rattle and roll (Take 8).mp3
408 lawdy miss clawdy (Take 3).mp3
409 ready teddy (live 9-9-56).mp3
410 true love (master Take 20).mp3
411 baby i don't care (Take 1).mp3
412 trouble (live 3-9-73).mp3
43 i need your love tonight (Take 5).mp3
414 sentimental me (Take 1).mp3
415 i'm yours (Take 1).mp3
416 where do you come from (Take 13).mp3
417 blue river (Take 2).mp3
418 come what may (Take 4).mp3
419 you'll never walk alone (Take 1b).mp3
420 don't cry daddy (undubbed).mp3
421 mama liked the roses (undubbed).mp3
422 rubberneckin' (live 26-8-69).mp3
423 make the world go away (spliced 1,3).mp3
424 always on my mind (Take 3).mp3
425 you asked me to (Take 2).mp3
426 my boy (6-5-75).mp3
427 promised land (Take 2).mp3
428 green green grass of home (Take 1).mp3
429 bringin' it back (Take 1).mp3
430 moody blue (Take 6).mp3
431 the last farewell (Take 2).mp3

501 i'm left, you're right, she's gone (Take 6).mp3
502 mystery train (composite mix).mp3
503 i was the one (Take 7a).mp3
504 love me (rehearsal 25-6-68).mp3
505 rip it up (Take 16).mp3
506 party (alternate master).mp3
507 flaming star (Take 2).mp3
508 i slipped, i stumbled, i fell (Take 11).mp3
509 just tell her jim said hello (Take 1).mp3
510 never ending (Take 1).mp3
511 puppet on a string (Take 10).mp3
512 i'll remember you (edited Take 2).mp3
513 let yourself go (comeback 20-6-68).mp3
514 big boss man (Take 9).mp3
515 too much monkey business (Take 9).mp3
516 stay away (Take 14).mp3
517 edge of reality (Take 6).mp3
518 my little friend (undubbed).mp3
519 kentucky rain (Take 3).mp3
520 let's be friends (master).mp3
521 the sound of your cry (back-up overdub).mp3
522 for lovin' me (Take 10).mp3
523 a thing called love (Take 1).mp3
524 separate ways (Take 25).mp3
525 it's a matter of time (Take 4).mp3
526 spanish eyes (Take 2).mp3
527 t-r-o-u-b-l-e (Take 1).mp3
528 way down (Take 2).mp3
529 pledging my love (edited Take 3).mp3
530 he'll have to go (rough mix).mp3