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DUETS (2 CD Set)
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CD 1
101 I Will Be Home Again [with Charlie Hodge]
102 It's Nice To Go Travelling [with Sinatra, Davis Jr, etc]
103 Love Me Tender-Witchcraft [with Frank Sinatra]
104 Let Yourself Go [with The Blossoms]
105 The Impossible Dream [with Armond Morales]
106 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [with Ginger Holladay]
107 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [with Temple Riser]
108 Help Me [with Sherrill Nielsen]
109 Spanish Eyes [with Sherrill Nielsen]
110 Why Me Lord [with JD Sumner]
111 Bringing It Back [with Voice, Elvis Sings Bass]
112 Aubrey [with Voice, Elvis Sings Bass]
113 Hawaiian Wedding Song [with Kathy Westmoreland]
114 Softly As I Leave You [with Sherrill Nielsen]
115 Yippee Yi Yo Yippee Yi Yay
[with Steve Allen, A Griffith, Imogen Coca]
116 I Shall Not Be Moved [with Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins]
117 When The Saints Go Marching In
[with Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins]
118 I Can't Help [with Anita Wood]
119 Who's Sorry Now [with Anita Wood]
120 If I Loved You [with Nancy Sharpe]
121 Sweet Leilani [with Nancy Sharpe]
122 Make Believe [with Nancy Sharpe]
123 You're Life Has Just Begun [with Linda Thompson]
124 Teardrops [with Linda Thompson]
125 Spanish Eyes [with Sherrill Nielsen]
126 Don't Cry Daddy [with Lisa Marie Presley]
127 If I Can Dream [with Celine Dion]

CD 2
201 Crawfish [with Kitty White]
202 Pocketful Of Rainbows [with Juliet Prowse]
203 Husky Dusky Day [with Hope Lang]
204 Aloha Oe [with The Surfers]
205 Earth Boy [with Ginny & Elizabeth Tio]
206 How Would You Like To Be [with Vicki Tie]
207 Happy Ending [with Joan O'Brien]
208 Mexico [with Larry Domasin]
209 Today, Tomorrow And Forever [with Ann-Margret]
210 You're The Boss [with Ann-Margret]
211 The Lady Loves Me [with Ann-Margret]
212 Spring Fever [with Shelly Fabares]
213 Frankie And Johnny [with Eileen Wilson, Ray Walker]
214 Petunia The Gardener's Daughter [with Eileen Wilson]
215 Look Out Broadway [with Eileen Wilson, Ray Walker]
216 Scratch My Back [with Marianne Hill]
217 Datin' [with Donna Butterworth]
218 Queenie Wahinie's Daughter [with Donna Butterworth]
219 Yoga Is As Yoga Does [with Elsa Lanchasta]
220 Who Needs Money [with Ray Walker]
221 Confidence [with The Kids]
222 There Ain't Nothing Like A Song [with Nancy Sinatra]
223 Signs Of The Zodiac [with Marilyn Mason]