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These tracks are re-mastered in ITR technology,
invented by Dr K and gives fans the chance to hear
Elvis as he should be heard.   

Remastered Album
01 - Help Me Make It Through The Night (Remastered)
02 - Miracle Of The Rosary (Remastered)
03 - Hey Jude - (Dr K Remastered)
04 - Put Your Hand In The Hand (Dr K Remastered)
05 - Until It's Time For You To Go (Dr K Remastered)
06 - We Can Make The Morning (Dr K Remastered)
07 - Early Morning Rain (Dr K Remastered)
08 - Sylvia (Dr K Remastered)
09 - Fools Rush In (Dr K Remastered)
10 - I Was Born About 10,000 Years Ago (Dr K Remastered)

Remixed Album
11 -  Help Me Make It Through the Night (Dr K Remix)
12 -  Miracle of the Rosary (Dr K Remix)
13 -  Hey Jude (Dr K Remix)
14  - Put Your Hand in the Hand (Dr K Remix)
15 -  Until It's Time for You to Go (Dr K Remix)
16 -  We Can Make the Morning (Dr K Remix)
17 -  Early Morning Rain (Dr K Remix)
18 -  Sylvia (Dr K Remix)
19 -  Fools Rush In (Dr K Remix)
20 -  I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago (Dr K Remix)

21 - My Way (Dr K Remix)
22 - Help Me Make It Through The Night - Live (Dr K Remastered)
23 - Early Morning Rain - Live (Dr K Remastered)
24 - It's Only Love (Dr K Remix)