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All remixes created by Jack!

01 Beyond The Bend [Alt Take].mp3
02 Big Love, Big Heartache [Alt Take with Film Version].mp3
03 Crawfish [Alt Tune & Tempo].mp3
04 Don't Leave Me Now [Take 18].mp3
05 Fame & Fortune [Take 1 - C Tune - Vinyl Effect].mp3
06 Fever [Alt Take with Audience].mp3
07 Fools Fall In Love [Alt Take].mp3
08 I Gotta Know [Master Spliced with Alt Take].mp3
09 Frankie & Johnny [Alt Take].mp3
10 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here [Take 13 Alt Tune & Tempo].mp3
11 If You Think I Don't Need You [Master with Take 2].mp3
12 I'll Be Back [Master Spliced with Film Version].mp3
13 Jailhouse Rock.mp3
14 Joshua Fit The Battle [Takes 1-2 Alt Bass & Drum].mp3
15 Little Darlin [Live].mp3
16 You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' [Rehearsal].mp3
17 I Need Somebody To Lean On [alt take & alt tune].mp3
18 Never Ending.mp3
19 Rock A Hula Baby [alt take].mp3
20 So Glad Your Mine [master].mp3
21 Sound Advise [take 5 mixed with film version].mp3
22 Tonight Is So Right For Love [alt take 8].mp3
23 What'd I Say [alt tune take 2 mixed with master].mp3
24 Let Us Pray [alt].mp3
25 As Long As I Have You [take 8 alt tempo & tune].mp3