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01 Jailhouse Rock (Take 5).mp3
02 A Big Hunk O' Love (Take 1).mp3
03 All Shook Up (Take 10).mp3
04 One Night Of Sin.mp3
05 A Mess Of Blues.mp3
06 Stuck On You (Alternate).mp3
07 His Hand In Mine (Take 5).mp3
08 She's Not You (Take 2).mp3
09 Surrender (Take 2).mp3
10 He Knows Just What I Need (Take 9).mp3
11 Devil In Disguise (Take 3).mp3
12 In The Ghetto (Take 3).mp3
13 Suspicious Minds (Take 7).mp3
14 Are You Sincere (Undubbed).mp3
15 I've Got A Thing About You Baby (Alternate Take 2).mp3
16 Girl Of Mine (Undubbed).mp3