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Disc 1 – Flaming Star & Spinout
101. Summer kisses, winter tears (take 20).mp3
102. Summer kisses, winter tears (takes 21-23).mp3
103. Summer kisses, winter tears (take 24).mp3
104. Summer kisses, winter tears (take 25).mp3
105. Summer kisses, winter tears (take 26).mp3
106. Britches (take 1, instr.).mp3
107. Britches (vocal overdubs, takes 1-7).mp3
108. Britches (insert 1, take 1).mp3
109. A cane and a high starched collar.mp3
110. Flaming star (take 1, backing track).mp3
111. Flaming star (vocal overdubs).mp3
112. Smorgasbord (takes 1-3).mp3
113. Smorgasbord (take 4).mp3
114. Smorgasbord (takes 5-7).mp3
115. Stop look and listen (takes 1-3).mp3
116. Stop look and listen (takes 4-5).mp3
117. Stop look and listen (takes 6-7).mp3
118. Am I ready (take 1).mp3
119. Am I ready (take 2).mp3

Disc 2 – Spinout Cont….
201. Am I ready (takes 3-4).mp3
202. Am I ready (takes 5-6).mp3
203. Never say yes (takes 1-2).mp3
204. Never say yes (takes 3-6).mp3
205. Spinout (takes 1-2).mp3
206. Spinout (takes 3-5).mp3
207. All that I am (takes 1-3).mp3
208. All that I am (take 4).mp3
209. All that I am (take 6).mp3
210. Adam and Evil (take 1).mp3
211. Adam and Evil (takes 2-4).mp3
212. Adam and Evil (takes 5-9).mp3
213. Adam and Evil (takes 10-11).mp3
214. Adam and Evil (takes 12-14).mp3
215. Adam and Evil (takes 15-16).mp3
216. Adam and Evil (takes 17-19).mp3

Disc 3 – Double Trouble & Speedway
301. Could I fall in love.mp3
302. Could I fall in love (vocal overdub).mp3
303. There's so much world to see.mp3
304. Long legged girl.mp3
305. Double trouble.mp3
306. Baby if you'll give me all your love.mp3
307. I love only one girl.mp3
308. Old Mac Donald.mp3
309. It won't be long.mp3
310. City by night.mp3
311. There ain't nothin' like a song.mp3
312. Your time hasn't come yet baby.mp3
313. Your time hasn't come yet baby (take 6).mp3
314. Five sleepy heads (take 3).mp3
315. Who are you (who am I) (take 6).mp3
316. Speedway (take 4).mp3
317. Suppose (take 1).mp3
318. Suppose (take 7).mp3
319. Suppose (rehearsal, vocals & piano).mp3
320. Suppose (vocal overdub).mp3
321. Suppose (overdub with backing vocals & choir).mp3
322. Suppose (Backing Vocals W-Choir).mp3
323. Let yourself go (take 5).mp3
324. He's your uncle, not your dad (take 7).mp3

Disc 4 – Easy Come, Easy Go & Live A Little Love A Little
401. Easy come, easy go.mp3
402. Easy come, easy go (vocal overdubs).mp3
403. I'll take love (backing track).mp3
404. I'll take love.mp3
405. Sing You
406. The love machine (backing track).mp3
407. The love machine.mp3
408. Yoga is as yoga does (backing track).mp3
409. Yoga is as yoga does.mp3
410. You gotta stop (backing tracks).mp3
411. You gotta stop.mp3
412. Wonderful world (take 7).mp3
413. Wonderful world (take 15).mp3
414. Wonderful world (take 16).mp3
415. Edge of reality (take 6).mp3
416. Edge of reality (take 7).mp3
417. Edge of reality (take 8, vocal & choir).mp3
418. A little less conversation (take 10).mp3
419. A little less conversation (take 16).mp3
420. A little less conversation (vocal & choir).mp3
421. Almost in love (take 2, backing track).mp3
422. Too much monkey business.mp3
423. U.S. Male.mp3