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01 Jailhouse Rock [Take 3].mp3
02 Jailhouse Rock [Take 4].mp3
03 Jailhouse Rock [Take 5].mp3
04 Jailhouse Rock [Take 6 - Spliced].mp3

05 Don't Leave Me Now [Take 7].mp3
06 Don't Leave Me Now [Take 8].mp3
07 Don't Leave Me Now [Take 16].mp3
08 Don't Leave Me Now [Take 17].mp3
09 Don't Leave Me Now [Take 18].mp3

10 I Want To Be Free [Take 11].mp3
11 I Want To Be Free [Take 12].mp3

12 Baby I Don't Care [Take 1 - 1st Vocal].mp3
13 Baby I Don't Care [Take 1 - Vocal Only].mp3

14 Young And Beautiful [Take 6].mp3
15 Young And Beautiful [Take 11].mp3
16 Young And Beautiful [Take 21].mp3
17 Young And Beautiful [Take22].mp3

18 Young And Beautiful [Take 3 Solo].mp3

19 Young And Beautiful [Take 7 - Club Version].mp3

20 Treat Me Nice [Take 1].mp3
21 Treat Me Nice [Take 2].mp3
22 Treat Me Nice [Take 3].mp3
23 Treat Me Nice [Take 12].mp3
24 Treat Me Nice [Take 13].mp3
25 Treat Me Nice [Take 19].mp3

26 Peace In The Valley [Take 2].mp3
27 Peace In The Valley [Take 3].mp3
28 Peace In The Valley [Take 7].mp3
29 Peace In The Valley [Take 9].mp3