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01 Raised On Rock [Remake Master].mp3
02 If You Dont Come Back [Extended].mp3
03 Just A Little Bit [Extended].mp3
04 It's Diff'rent Now [Diff'rent Version].mp3
05 Three Corn Patches [Alt Mix].mp3
06 Find Out What's Happening [Alt Mix].mp3
07 Take Good Care Of Her [Alt Long Version].mp3
08 I've Got A Thing About You Baby [Unedited].mp3
09 My Boy [Undubbed Long Version].mp3
10 It's Midnight [Remix Extended Version].mp3
11 If You Talk In Your Sleep [Unedited Master].mp3
12 Love Song Of The Year [Alt Extended Version].mp3
13 Mr. Songman [Extended Master].mp3
14 Promised Land [Extended Remix Master].mp3
15 Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming [Remake Undubbed].mp3