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01 Night Rider (take 5).mp3
02 Down In The Alley (take 8).mp3
03 Froggy Went A Courtin'.mp3
04 Baby Let's Play House (rehearsal).mp3
05 Fever (take 2).mp3
06 Dirty, Dirty Feeling (take 6).mp3
07 Beginners luck (take 3).mp3
08 Wolf Call (take 1).mp3
09 Animal Instinct (take 10).mp3
10 From A Jack To A King (take 10).mp3
11 It Hurts Me (take 9).mp3
12 The Prisoner's Song (jam).mp3
13 Stay Away (take 12).mp3
14 Running Scared Tomorrow Never Comes (take 7).mp3
15 After Loving You (take 5).mp3
16 It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin (take 3).mp3
17 Only The Strong Survive (take 4).mp3
18 It's Midnight (take 3).mp3
19 Promised Land (take 16).mp3
20 Mr Songman (take 14).mp3
21 If You Talk In Your Sleep (take 4).mp3
22 Hurt (x-rated version).mp3
23 Reconsider Baby (Las Vegas 73.mp3
24 Only Child [NOT ELVIS].mp3
25 The Impossible Dream (Las Vegas 73).mp3