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01 Inherit The Wind (Un - Master).wma
02 Help Me Make It Through The Night (Take 3).wma
03 The Sound Of Your Cry [take 3].wma
04 A Thing Called Love [rehearsal].wma
05 For The Heart [spliced].wma
06 Fairytale [take2].wma
07 There's A Honky Tonk Angel [take1].wma
08 Always On My Mind [take 3].wma
09 If I'm A Fool [spliced].wma
10 Power of My Love [take 6].wma
11 Fools Rush In [take 9].wma
12 True Love Travels On A Gravel Road [alt].wma
13 Twenty Days & Twenty Nights [take3].wma
14 Burning Love [alt].wma
15 It's Only Love [take 9].wma
16 Pieces of My Life [take 1].wma
17 Long Black Limousine [take 6].wma
18 This Is The Story [take 2].wma
19 Good Time Charlies Got The Blues [take 8].wma
20 For Ole Time Sake [take 3].wma
21 I've Got Confidence [take 1].wma
22 My Boy [undubbed master].wma
23 Help Me [undubbed master].wma